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Knit Repair Kit

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Interested to know what other knitters consider crucial tools for their “knit repair kit.”

QueerJoe’s Knit Repair Kit

When I need to fix an error in my knitting, there are certain tools that come in very handy.

Many of these items, most knitters already have them in their toolkit. Or they make do with substitutes. But I HIGHLY recommend the double-sided latch hooks if you can find them. Great especially for dropping down and fixing a stitch when you’re knitting garter. As with most of my tools, I like having them in many places so they’re handy.

Especially when I have a knit-repair emergency!

Current Knitting

I was honestly hoping to have finished the Chevron Striped Wrap by today.

The good news is that I have enough length to begin the decreases now, so it should be finished in short order.

4 comments on “Knit Repair Kit

  1. If I can’t fix it with a crochet hook or a darning needle, it is getting ripped back or sternly ignored (I’m looking at you Brioche!).

    I dont understand how you use the latch hooks. I still have one from my brief latchhook phase as an 11 year old.

    1. You use it exactly as you would a crochet hook, but there’s this really smooth movement when you’re picking up a whole column of dropped stitches where the latch is opened and closed automatically by how you move the latch hook tool. I’ll try to put together a quick video showing you…it’s easier than writing about it.

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