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Schedule Hair and Nail Maintenance…Anyone?

Does anyone else but me schedule hair and nail maintenance around important events? Like a men’s knitting retreat?

Why I Schedule Hair and Nail Maintenance

First of all, I have a live-in barber. So it’s a bit strange that I need to be so careful about the timing of a haircut. But I do. I want my haircut to be about 1 week old. And of course that last hair cut I had was over five weeks ago. And I don’t want my hair cut until around this coming Monday. But I also have a lunch date with friends tomorrow. So the hair will probably be cut today in preparation for that. It should be fine for the retreat.

I also have established a regular routine with the Men’s Knitting Retreats. I stop for lunch and a mani/pedi when I get up near Easton Mountain. A manicure is obvious for a knitting retreat. My hands will be showcased as I present workshops and the guys look at my knitting (what little I actually do).

But a pedicure is important as well. There’s morning yoga, which I usually do barefoot. There’s relaxing at the pool, or on the back deck or in the hot tub. Given the growth patterns of my finger and toe nails, I thought I had completely messed up the rhythm of it all for a mani/pedi on Monday, May 16th. But I think I may have lucked out and it might be just about the perfect timing.

All this coordination seems a bit manic when I look at it consciously and put it down in black and white. But there it is.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

LauraRose commented on the knit-repair post:

I don’t understand how you use the latch hooks. I still have one from my brief latch hook phase as an 11 year old.

I posted a very short video to show how I use it. It works faster and more securely than a crochet hook (for me):

Current Knitting

As expected, I finished the Chevron Striped Wrap.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the garment. It’s generously sized, soft and warm and looks great. One thing I learned is that an i-cord selvedge edge it a bit too restrictive compared with a loose, drapey fabric. So, I won’t do that again. The corners of this miter-knit garment curl in some. But that could be a feature…it has a self-hugging quality to it.

4 comments on “Schedule Hair and Nail Maintenance…Anyone?

  1. The Chevron Shawl is fantastic.
    I had never heard of a latch hook tool. When I use a crochet hook to do repairs, especially on tiny fingering yarns for socks, I often end up catching things I don’t want to catch, splitting yarns, etc.. Looks like this might help. I bet I have one in my sewing box but never knew what it was….that is if I kept in with the move….
    Best wishes for trotting out your shorn and clipped self at the retreat. Have the most wonderful time!

  2. I’m still enjoying “covid hair” (long, and pulled back). I’m often wearing a scrub cap at work. The last haircut I had was in November!
    And the last mani-pedi was July.

    As a nurse I have “nurse hands”- clean, short nails, no polish.

    After seeing your post- I might make it a plan for some scheduled maintenance myself. It’s just not something I think about often.

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