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Haircut Has Been Accomplished

It’s a little earlier than I really wanted, but the haircut has been accomplished. It’s only 3 days earlier than I planned. Not bad.

Good Thing Haircut Has Been Accomplished!

Things are about to get a bit crazier for me around here. Tomorrow. So, honestly, I’m glad the haircut is out of the way.

NorthEast Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat Registration

Please don’t be too confused. Yes, I got my haircut for the retreat in 10 days. That’s the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat (MSKR). The sibling retreat that takes place in September is the NorthEast Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat (NEMFKR). And registration opens for September tomorrow!

Tomorrow at 10:00 am (Eastern U.S./Canada time), a web registration form will open at the bottom of this web page:

Lately, most of the regional Men’s Knitting Retreats have been filling up quickly. We limit this retreat to 38 guys total. That includes the two coordinators (me and Aaron) and four guys who transferred their registration to September from prior years. It also includes up to 2 spots for scholarship participants. So in essence, 30 more guys can register for the retreat.

Not To Confuse Things Any More…

And I’m finalizing all the preparations for the retreat in less than 2 weeks.

Nametags, project bags, give-aways, workshop materials, etc. I have quite a bit of work to get done.

Current Knitting

I needed to finish all the workshop materials for MSKR in a couple of weeks. So I’ve been making a lot of example swatches.

This is just for the Knit Repair Workshop. I’ve also done some work on samples for the Helical Striped Knitting.

Fortunately, I finished both handouts and so I’m almost all set.

Wish me luck!

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