Overlapping Mens Fiber Retreats - Easton Mountain and Housing Lodge overlap

Overlapping Men’s Fiber Retreats

There’s a brief period of about three weeks when I have two overlapping Men’s Fiber Retreats. Preparing to kick off the Spring Retreat next week and opening registration for the September retreat.

Complexities of Overlapping Men’s Fiber Retreats

If you’ve ever organized an event for a group of 30 or more people, you know all that goes into it.

Spring Retreat

38 guys will show up at Easton Mountain next week. The planning and preparations started in September of last year. A week from today, I’ll pack my car to the rafters with logo project bags, give-aways, candy and snacks to last a week for 38 guys. I’ll also be bringing two spinning wheels, a ball-winder and swift, my circular sock knitting machine, name tags, etc., etc.

Fall Retreat

We also just opened registration for the September retreat. So far we have 28 guys registered. We limit the registration to 38 and two of them are scholarship participants. So there are only 8 regular spots left.

Registration is quite involved and a bit of a frenzy twice a year. Web forms, PayPal, spreadsheets and lots of e-mail and social media posting. I’m honestly grateful that the Fall retreat doesn’t usually sell out in under 10 minutes.

Despite the frantic activity during these three weeks, I am in my place of bliss.

Finding My People MSKR 2021 - Five at Five Joe Steve Hayes Greg Doug Kirk Franklin Chet

There’s nothing in life I’d rather be doing than interacting with this amazing community.

Current Knitting

I needed a new project. Something simple that required little or no concentration. A lengthwise garter-striped scarf seemed to be the perfect choice.

Two beautiful yarns that look okay together. The colors are blending a bit more than I would have liked. I was hoping for more contrast. But honestly, I’m not focusing on my knitting that much right now.

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  1. Retreats are the best especially if you are seeing familiar faces and get to know new ones. I go to a retreat in Port Townsend, WA every November. We stay at Fort Worden in the Barracks. They filmed Officer and Gentleman there in the early 1980’s. Will look forward to your recap when you get back.

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