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Lay Flat To Dry

Hand wash and lay flat to dry is one of the more common expressions in the knitting community. A common expression among knitters. No?

Why Lay Flat To Dry?

I guess when you lay out a sweater or a blanket to dry, you also want to wet-block it a little. Laying it flat helps put shaping back into a wet, wool garment.

When it comes to socks, I’m not really sure I need them re-shaped after washing. The first time I put them on my feet they’ll conform to the shape of my foot anyway.

But regardless…every garment I sell at craft shows comes with the standard instruction.

It’s always better to make instructions simple and standard. Even when the garment isn’t wool. Hand-washing knits helps to make sure woven-in ends don’t come loose. Or that a snap or zipper won’t snag the yarn and put a pull in your hard work.

Honestly, with the amount of hand-knit or hand-cranked socks I have, I don’t hand-wash them. They’re mostly superwash and/or have nylon in them. So I wash them in the machine on delicate. I machine-wash knits separately to avoid any snagging catastrophes. The spin cycle alone saves a boatload of time.

Laying them all out on a queen-sized bed that is covered with towels is time-consuming enough.

Do you have any insider tips for washing hand-knits?

Current Knitting

Next week I’m at the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat at Easton Mountain. In addition to wanting to wear clean, hand-knit/cranked socks, I also have two workshops to present. I’ve organized all the materials for the Helical Striped Knitting Workshops and it’s ready to present!

Eleven guys will each get a started cowl and a pattern. They’ll also get a handout summarizing the workshop material and as many contrasting colors of yarn for their cowl to help in practicing the technique. It’s a somewhat large group to demonstrate close-up work, so I’m anticipating that I’ll project my work onto a television screen behind me for everyone to see. I’ll let you know how that works out.

I also got some minimal amount of work done on the Garter Striped Scarf I started.

It’s not may favorite color combination I’ve ever done. But it’s soft and kind of elegant. It will sell at the craft show.

Good enough, I guess.

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    1. The only times I ever put socks on any kind of stretchers or blockers is to take photos of them. I consider my feet to be natural sock blockers.

  1. Joe, I use one of these
    for my socks. I machine wash them in a delicates bag (cold water, permanent press cycle) with the rest of my clothes and use the clips to hang them. They don’t stretch out and it’s no more effort than the rest of the laundry.

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