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A VERY Different Week

Any regular blog readers know how important this week is to me. And will probably be as surprised as I am at what a very different week I’m having.

A Very Different Week Than A Men’s Knitting Retreat Week

The short of it…I had to cancel my participation in the retreat this week due to a positive COVID test.

Having been über-careful in all our social dealings, I was pretty confident I would test negative, but despite all our care and precautions, I didn’t. Physically, I am doing quite well. Honestly, my allergy-like symptoms are so mild, I never would have tested for COVID had it not been for the retreat.

I attribute the mildness of my COVID case to vaccines and boosters. I’m very grateful to have taken advantage of all vaccine option, even though it didn’t prevent me from contracting the virus.

From an emotional perspective, it’s been quite a roller-coaster. At one moment I’m grateful that the Universe has finally pried my hands from the obsessive need to control something as big and unwieldy as a 40-guy retreat. Grateful that I have really supportive and caring guys in the group who can and will take over to make it an amazing event. Then the next moment, I’m a blubbering, sobbing, self-pitying mess.

Fortunately, the latter moment is much more rare. And very short-lived.

I will be in constant contact with Aaron, the back-up coordinator. And I’ll be participating virtually as much as I can, including leading the two workshops I had originally scheduled via Zoom.

Current Knitting

I was able to finish both the garter-striped scarf and the new “surprise” project I had started last week.

I needed to supplement the scarf with a third color stripe since I didn’t have quite enough of the deep purple yarn, and it turned out perfectly fine. Not my favorite, but I’m sure it will sell and someone will love its subtle, rich colors. I also knit the “humungous” size of the NSF Designs Willie Warmer as a charity donation. I may have enough of this yarn to make the “large” size as well.

I also started on a new shawl.

This is the Anica Shawl by Alina Appasova. I’m using Uneek Fingering yarn by Urth in colorway 12 (or 3012) and it’s gorgeous so far. I usually don’t take photos on patterned fabric, but I loved how the sun highlighted it.

Here’s a photo on a more subtle background, and it’s still beautiful. No?

15 comments on “A VERY Different Week

  1. I’m so sorry you’ll miss the retreat Joe. As much emotional energy as you put into it, I know you get back ten-fold once you’re there. I can only imagine the depth of your disappointment. It’s a small (but real) consolation that two years of history with Covid has allowed us all to figure out how to “attend” events virtually–fingers crossed that your workshops go flawlessly!

  2. I feel for you so much with missing the Men’s Knitting Retreat Joe. Take good care and feel better soon. As always, your creations are wonderful and beautiful. The “surprise” is fun and made me laugh. Great “can’t miss it” color.

  3. Well gee whiz. Glad at least you don’t feel crappy. The Willow warmer cracked me up. Indeed if one needed this size when it was cold enough to need this, that would be pretty astounding indeed. That shawl looks really fun to knit.

  4. Such a bad news Jo we see you have so seriously scheduled everything and then being forced to stay at home it’s not fair. Hold on tight it will be better tomorrow

  5. Really sorry to read that after all you put into it, you’ll be missing the retreat but I guess thanks to the new pandemic norms we are all used to virtual participation and you can be there in some guise
    I’ve been looking for a willy warmer pattern for a few months now (to give as light hearted Christmas gifts to our male neighbours). Where can I find that one?

  6. So sorry that you won’t be able to attend in person. I know how much prep work you do and how much you love being with the guys. Take good care!!!

  7. So very sorry to hear of your Covid disappointment. It sounds like you’ve come to peace with it (sort of). All of your preparations have made the necessary transitions a little easier. Good for you on that score! Knit on! 🙂

  8. Ignore my comment in today’s post (Drug adverse). I’m away on a fishing vacation and am “mostly” unplugged, and I must have missed this post about why you had a COVID test. Bummer.
    I’m happy you have no s/s.
    I feed disappointed for you that you’re missing one of your favorite events. I agree with Lorelei’s comment about being glad you’re vaxxed and boosted. and the willy warmer you knit up is certainly…

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