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Drug Averse

Most of my life I have been what I consider to be, drug averse. If my body could do something itself, drugs weren’t necessary.

Situational Ethics and Being Drug Averse

I took est back in the 70’s. I worked for a large chiropractic office in the early ’80’s. Both seemed to indicate that I should let a headache go away by itself rather than take an aspirin. I remember taking a lot of pride telling an endocrinologist that I wouldn’t take synthetic thyroxin when by body was perfectly able to make it by itself.

So, for the most part, I have been drug averse. Then came the exceptions.

As a young adult, I had strong allergic/hay-fever reactions. I used to take Clor-Trimeton. One tiny pill a day to stop days of sneezing and blowing my nose. It wasn’t always effective either, but I justified that drug knowing that I wasn’t able to stop sneezing naturally.

Then later in life, I found Claritin D worked much better for my allergies. But it was MUCH less expensive to buy the Claritin and the pseudoephedrine (the “D” part of Claritin D) separately. So now I’m taking two pills. Then a number of years later, I added daily low-dose aspirin based on advice from my doctor. And yes, I’ve been following the latest advice on this treatment and discussed it with my doctor. I also finally gave in to taking a daily statin for cholesterol.

After testing positive for COVID this past week, I checked out the possibility of starting Paxlovid. I discussed it with my doctor and decided not to start it. I have virtually no symptoms. But I have added guaifenesin to my daily regimen for now.

So clearly, I’m no longer as drug averse as I used to be.

The Face of COVID

Fortunately for me, and the grace of vaccines and boosters, I have virtually no symptoms of COVID. Except a positive test.

It’s strange and almost frustrating. But I am definitely not looking this gift-horse in the mouth.

Current Knitting

Work progresses slowly on the Anica Shawl.

This is a very similar pattern to the Hitchhiker Shawl and the Close To You Shawl. I find this one easier to keep track of and it’s just as beautiful as the other two. And I have to say, the Uneek Fingering yarns are uneekly suited to these designs.

Don’t you think?

2 comments on “Drug Averse

  1. Good to hear you have virtually no symptoms. Best wishes for getting past Covid and being safe and sound.

  2. Sorry to learn you’ve tested + for COVID and happy that you do not have any s/s. I’m curious as to what led you to test (since you are asymptomatic). The NY Times lists PA as 6th in the nation for upticks (behind California, Florida, Texas, NY, and Illinois).
    Being a NY nurse I am still going out and about fully masked in the world, and have so far managed to avoid COVID but I think it’s inevitable- given how contagious it is, and the type of work I do. I can’t say that I’m drug averse though. I’m happy to know that there are meds avaiable to aleviate s/s.

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