When the Universe demands growth, there is no denying it. For me that “Another Fucking Growth Opportunity”, or A.F.G.O.

My Most Recent A.F.G.O.

Many of you know that I was supposed to have been at the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat at Easton Mountain last week. Due to a positive COVID test, I wasn’t able to go.

While it was a bitter disappointment and kind of a shock to have to switch gears so quickly, it was also an amazing opportunity for growth. It was also an extraordinary opportunity to show how I’ve grown.

Yes, I had moments of self-pity, anger and resentment. But mostly, I just stepped up and did everything I needed to do to make sure (as much as I could) that the guys who did go had a fantastic and magical time.

From all that I’ve heard, they did.

And despite not being there and the co-organizing doing all the work on the ground during the retreat, I still felt like my efforts showed up throughout the week. And the guys were very appreciative.

One tip. If you’re trying to build a community of amazing people, encourage those who help foster community rather than those that try to bring it down. The 32 guys who ended up attending the retreat jumped in and made sure the event was truly amazing. I honestly couldn’t have hand-picked a better group of guys.

Current Knitting

I did continue to knit all last week. And finished one of my favorite projects in a long time. The Anica Shawl.

Anica Shawl 05-23-22 00

I love the graphics created by the combination of self-striping yarns from Urth (Uneek Fingering in color 3012) and the design of the shawl. If you’ve ever made a Close To You Shawl or a Hitchhiker, this shawl is shaped in a very similar way. I found it easier to keep track of my repeats. I was also glad it only took one hank of Uneek Fingering for a very nice sized shawl.

3 comments on “A.F.G.O.

  1. AFGO! LOL! I was just doing some reading about looking at the bumps in the road as “learning opportunities” and your acronym totally hits the mail on the head for how I feel about all that.

    Good job on the retreat and the shawl! Going to look up that pattern.

  2. Your shawl is gorgeous! You always have the best colors too!
    A.F.G.O.! I can’t come up with the words to say why, but it is perfect for this type of The Universe Demanding Growth situations. Now that you have released it into the universe, it could be come the next big at catchphrase.

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