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YouTube Fearless

We live in a World where you can learn virtually anything by watching a YouTube tutorial. Has this broad access made you YouTube fearless?

Ripping Apart Clothes With YouTube Fearlessness

First of all, I learned to knit during the pre-internet days. I taught myself from a book and magazines. And I gleaned as much as I could from the sparse number of knitters I knew in-person.

Second, I have never been a very good sewer. I know how to wind a bobbin and thread my sewing machine. I can sometimes make a straight, simple line of plain sewing on it.

These days, I sometimes wonder if YouTube has made me foolishly fearless.

Years ago, someone gifted me flannel pajama bottoms. I really like them. The flannel is the perfect thickness and the colors are just what I want when I’m lounging around the house on a chilly morning. Two things I didn’t like about them. The legs were too long. They have no pockets.

Shortening the legs was an easy thing. Even for me without YouTube assistance.

Here’s where the foolishly fearless part comes in. Why couldn’t I use the excess fabric taken off the bottom of the leg and sew in an afterthought pocket?

Some of the challenges were:

  • No side seam or associated seam allowance
  • Not a ton of fabric
  • Simple sewing machine…no serger

Fortunately, it’s just a pajama bottom. So even if it doesn’t look perfect, it’s not going to be a disaster. It’s also flannel, which doesn’t seem to fray as easily as other fabrics.

I’ve successfully shortened the length of the pant-leg. And I’ve repurposed the fabric into a single pocket lining after watching a detailed video of making a similar garment.

Now, I’m going to recklessly cut a gash in the side of the upper pant leg and try to sew in the makeshift pocket lining. Then I’ll try and secure the seam so it doesn’t unravel.

Wish me luck!

Current Knitting

In addition to sewing, I’ve done a little bit of knitting this past weekend.

The third Anica Shawl using Uneek Fingering yarn is coming out beautifully. I think I’ll stop at 3 Anicas, but you never know.

6 comments on “YouTube Fearless

  1. Is it too late? I was only worried by the cut a gash in, and wondered why not unpick the side seam so that you have at least the little serger bit (which I agree isn’t really a seam allowance as in the old ways). Anyhow it will be great either way! They are as you say just PJ bottoms. I do love a good YouTube how-to rabbit hole! It’s an incredible resource. As long as you watch a few so you don’t accidentally follow the “idiot who thought they knew enough to make a video”. 😝

  2. Hi brave person! I would iron a narrow rectangle of iron on interfacing where you are going to make the gash to reinforce the fabric before you cut. Good luck!

  3. I’d recommend a patch pocket rather than a set-in pocket.

    But, if you want a set-in pocket, reinforce reinforce reinforce!!

    1. This is what I would do also!
      Easy to cut out a pocket shape (big enough to have a turned-in edging and just sew it onto the front of the pant leg.)

      But what you are trying will probably work out just fine!

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