What Is Your Legacy - Elon Musk

What Is Your Legacy?

Raising an awesome child? Successfully navigated a dangerous world. Fostered community? What is your legacy?

Who Will You Be When Your Physical Body Is No Longer Here? What is Your Legacy?

Without being a parent, I can’t expect to have my legacy be any children that I sired and/or raised. So, I’m hopeful to be the fun guncle (gay uncle). The guy who was always knitting. Someone remembered for helping bring together the men’s knitting community at the Men’s Knitting Retreats.

Suffice it to say that if I was one of the richest men on the planet, I wouldn’t be an asshole. Or if I wielded tremendous influence. I wouldn’t want to be remembered as a hateful scrotum.

Does he not realize that he’s hating on a large part of his customer base. I’m not asking the man to be woke or anything. I’m just saying he can afford to ignore anything he wants.

Perhaps part of my legacy could be…”Never bought a piece of shit car from Elon Musk.”

Current Knitting

I was able to finish the latest Anica Shawl.

Which one is your favorite? I have to say, mine is still the first one I knit (bottom one in the photo on the right). But this shawl is the most perfect use of Uneek Fingering and their interlaces, long striping colorways. Don’t you think?

Feel free to weigh in on your legacy or your favorite Anica! Always good to hear from you.

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