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Pride Month

We just watched a documentary on the West Hollywood Swim Club and it was one more reminder of Pride Month.

Pride Month and The Critical Importance of Community

I’m constantly reminded of how fortunate I was as a young gay man coming of age. I grew up knowing I was loved and valued.

But it certainly wasn’t always easy. As a young people-pleaser, the thought of coming out was terrifying for me. The possibility of losing the love of those I considered important in my life made it very difficult. It made me feel like a coward for hiding it. Bullying was also a regular part of life during grade school. And it continued in various forms in high school, college and even in the workforce. I was constantly reminded in my early career that I must hide who I was to many. Both implied and explicit threats were constantly there.

So I’ll be forever grateful for the community who adopted me. Who helped me find out I was worthy.

It occurred to me that most of the readers here have only known me since I started writing this blog. By then, I was comfortable taking back the term “queer” and using it as an expression of pride in who I am.

But the feelings of sadness, fear, anger and frustration at the lack of acceptance have taken decades to work through.

Thaddeus is really into tea towels. The one in the featured photo is one of my favorites. I love both the message and the aesthetics of it. And it reminds me of the progress that’s been made in my lifetime.

Current Crochet

For the incorrect readers who commented about the direction triangular shawls should be made, I have finished half of the rows of my current crochet project. So, I am practically finished!

I finish this shawl with just 13 shorter and shorter repeat rows and I’ll be weaving in ends on this beauty.

Perhaps designers should design triangular shawls in both directions. The correct way and the wrong way.

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  1. for those misguided few who design shawls the “wrong” way, it’s a simple matter to just reverse the instructions for shaping to suit your directional preference.

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