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A Wealth Of Basil

Today, I give you Thaddeus’ tip on creating a wealth of basil. Or any fresh herb you can get at your grocery store.

Propagate Your Own Wealth of Basil!

I started making Chicken Red Curry within the last year. It’s the recipe that was used by my favorite Thai restaurant that is no longer open. The chef’s daughter told me how to make it. Which is very generous of her, since her husband and she own another restaurant and Chicken Red Curry is on their menu now.

While the the recipe is easy and only has 6 ingredients, many of the ingredients aren’t commonly found in an American kitchen. Fish sauce, red curry paste, coconut milk and Thai basil.

I was able to get the coconut milk at Costco. The fish sauce I was able to get at an Asian grocery that I sometimes get to. The red curry paste I got through Amazon. The Thai basil was a bit more difficult to find. My grocery store sometimes carried it in the section of “fresh herbs in plastic clamshell packaging”.

But often they were out of stock. And regular basil just wasn’t as good in this dish.

Finally, when we were able to find Thai basil in our grocery store, Thaddeus attempted to grow roots and plant it. As you can see from the feature photo today, it worked really well. And now I have an ongoing supply of this fragrant herb!

Current Crochet

Since my current shawl project is designed correctly (despite what all you incorrect people say), I have been able to finish the April Showers Shawl.

As I mentioned in my last blog entry, it FLEW off the hook when I was about 2/3rds through the shawl. The rows got shorter and shorter and before I knew it, it was finished.

The finished shawl is about 80″ wide, so it’s a nice warm wrap. Not exactly useful during the summer, but it will be very comforting when the weather cools.

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  1. The basil looks wonderful. I do that with regular basil and have some rosemary rooting (hopefully).
    The recipe sounds delicious too. I know almost nothing about Thai foods. Best wishes for enjoying the Chicken Red Curry!

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