QueerJoes Crochet Period - Flea Market Crochet Hooks 06-13-22

QueerJoe’s Crochet Period

A number of recent events have me wanting to support my crochet friends. So, for now, it’s QueerJoe’s crochet period.

How Long Will QueerJoe’s Crochet Period Last?

In short, it will last for at least as long as it takes to complete my current project.

But honestly, I am very excited with my last project and my current project. As I noted previously, the April Showers Shawl is my favorite worsted-weight crochet design I’ve ever made. But it also works exceptionally well in lighter-weight yarns as well.

A while ago, I completed the April Showers Shawl in a sport-weight yarn…maybe DK? It was cone yarn, so I really don’t know. And you’ll see below that I’m doing it in a light-fingering weight yarn (also cone). I am LOVING the lightness and drapiness of the fabric on this latest shawl.

One of my favorite crochet designers often recommends crocheting on lighter-weight yarns. And she is exactly right about that in this case.

So, some artisans go through a blue period. Others crank out socks-a-plenty. These days, I’m enjoying the crochet hook.

What’s caught your fancy lately?

Current Crochet

As noted above, I’m doing another April Showers Shawl in a light fingering weight yarn.

See what I did here? I have finished the MOST difficult part of this shawl. A 592 chain, with 295 treble crochets worked into the chain. Nothing in the remaining work to complete this shawl will be anywhere near as difficult. And I’m still excited about the shawl.

The fine-weight ragg yarn is 100% combed cotton. Its’ creating an almost metallic looking fabric with a drape that will make a gorgeous shawl. And with this size cone of yarn, I guarantee I won’t be running out before finishing this beauty.

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