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I Know It When I See It

Are you one of those who can quickly pick out 5 colors of yarn for a Fair Isle sweater and know they will look good? I’m not, but I know it when I see it.

How I Know It When I See It

We were out looking for a plant to put in front of our house. Thaddeus kept rejecting various options that I thought might look nice. And then he saw a braided-trunk yellow hibiscus and knew he had found the right one.

Honestly, I wasn’t so sure until I actually saw it in front of our house. Thaddeus was right. It’s really lush and beautiful. The yellow is a perfect color for our gray stained siding. No?

I’ve never been good at visualizing something in my mind.

Despite knowing exactly what I like and what I don’t when I see it, I have to see it to know. Just like I couldn’t envision this yellow hibiscus in front of our house, I also find it difficult to know what yarns will look like together. And honestly, I envy that ability.

Even with my current shawl project, I honestly had no idea how the barber-pole, 2-ply yarn would look in a crochet fabric.

Fortunately, crochet is easy to rip out if the yarn choice had turned out to be a mistake. And even more fortunately, the choice seems to be just perfect!

Current Crochet

I am zipping right along with the current fine-gauge version of the April Showers Shawl.

The metallic-like color of the fabric created by the barber-pole yarn was (as I noted) very unexpected. But I really love it. And while the yarn is rather ordinary combed cotton, the drape of this garment is going to be completely extraordinary.

Finn insisted on helping out with the photo shoot. He says, “You’re welcome.”

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  1. My experience with hibiscus is that they attract aphids like CRAZY. Neem oil helped a bit if applied early, but one day I walked out to find that my yellow hibiscus had buds that were black with aphids. Don’t be like me; spray early! (PS spraying water to knock off the aphids may work if there are only a few aphids, but…) Good luck! It’s a lovely plant.

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