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Must Buy Yarn

And especially sock yarn. Most assuredly, when there’s a 25% off sale at one of my favorite vendors, I definitely must buy yarn.

What’s Your Criteria For When You Must Buy Yarn?

For most of us, it doesn’t take much.

There’s a yarn sale. I’m at a yarn store. I need to start a new project and don’t have anything in my stash. Someone sends me an e-mail.

Yeah…it doesn’t take much.

But The Perfect Purl is having a 25% off Dragonfly Fibers yarn right now. No code. No secret password. The 25% is taken off automatically. However, they have quickly sold out of a lot of their Dragonfly Fibers stock (though, I think some of their nicer colors are still in stock).

Here’s what I got in my order.

Like I said, it doesn’t take much for me to place an order for yarn. But it also doesn’t take much for me to cast on a new project.

Current Crochet

I am still loving my current project, the April Showers Shawl by Erica Fedor.

Each one of the “raindrops” in the shawl requires 5 treble crochets, 2 double crochets, 1 single crochet and 20 chains. Since I started with 59 raindrops, getting down to 46 per repeat has definitely made rows faster. I will definitely be making this shawl again in the future.

2 comments on “Must Buy Yarn

  1. I have reached the state of SABLE, so at this point I only buy a skein of contrasting or coordinating yarn to go with something in my stash. Most of my knitting now is not for myself, and I live in Texas, so projects are smalls like cowls, shawls, fingerless mitts, hats, etc.

  2. It doesn’t take much for me to buy either. I’ve bagged up wool I don’t think I’ll use (ahem 3 bags!) and swore to myself I would buy no more (ahem) and yet, oh shiny! There is more expected in the mail and new sitting on my desk. I really can’t knit any faster.

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