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Yes, I will almost always finish a project I start. But some of the larger projects make me question my monoprojectomy. I need a bit more diversity sometimes.

Monoprojectomy – Staying Faithful To One Project At a Time

There are a few very valid reasons for having multiple projects going at once. And not remaining monoprojectomous.

The primary reason is that I often get a bit bored with a longer project. I like diversity in my activities.

I sometimes start to really hate the yarn I’m using. And it’s me…it has nothing to do with the yarn.

Then I rarely, but sometimes start to hate the main project I’m working on. The stitch pattern, the shaping, etc.

I also sometimes need a project that requires less concentration. Anytime I do social knitting, the project can’t require ANY concentration or focus. I need a completely unconscious knitting project. Like when I’m on a Zoom knitting meet-up.

Perseverance is a trait I have in spades. So I almost always go back and finish a longer project. But I do sometimes need a little diversity.

Currently I one main project and two side-projects.

Current Crochet/Cranking/Knitting

My main project is the only one I’ve really been blogging about lately.

The April Showers Shawl is still moving along. Even with two other side-projects. It’s over halfway finished. And I’m still really enjoying it.

I’ve also started a baby blanket project. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with the current design, so I’ll post photos of this later if it works out.

Finally, I’m cranking and hand-finishing knitted hair scrunchies using leftover sock yarn.

Basically, I’m knitting short tubes of sock yarn and enclosing plain, black hair scrunchies in the center. The outer edge is just a modified 3-needle bind-off. I’ll be selling these for $7 and donating all the proceeds to a few different pro-democracy projects/pro-choice organizations.

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  1. Another reason I have multiple projects is for a variety of sizes of yarn and needles. I have osteoarthritis so I can work longer when there are changes.
    Do like the scrunched and know someone who might also like them. Thanks for the idea.

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