Thank God For Women

Thank God For Women

When bloviating assholes and conniving snakes try and take us down as a country, I can only say, “Thank God for women.”

Why We Should Thank God For Women?

That’s an easy one. In general, they’re smarter, more clear-minded and care more about important things than men.

Flash back to the seventies. It was a time when the gay rights movement was new. I can’t tell you how many times that I heard gay men whine that lesbians were making our cause more difficult. I’m not quite sure how they came to that conclusion. If anything, lesbians were more accepted than gay men, in my limited experience. Then in the eighties, when the AIDS crisis hit, it was the lesbians who stepped up and treated us like their brothers. They were fierce in their compassion and even more fierce in their fighting on our behalf. Act-Up never would have been anything without their consistent organizing, protesting and fighting.

And now that we have a crisis of democracy. One where men of supposed principle are terrified of a big orange man. Women are again stepping up. Even though we’ve treated them like dirt. Again.

Remember all your guy friends who “didn’t like Hillary” and would rather not vote if that was their only option? She was a successful Senator and Secretary of State and one of the most qualified candidates we’ve ever had on the ballot. How much of the “dislike” of Clinton do you think was misogyny?

So this time…you think we might just support the strong, capable women to get done what is necessary?

I’ll be interested to know how much of any success they have will be attributed to their efforts after all is said and done. But for me…I’m in full support.

Current Crochet

It’s getting a bit difficult to get a full-sized, laid-out-flat, photo of the April Showers Shawl.

But hopefully this photo will give you the best sense yet of the size and the fine-gauge drape of this shawl. It’s all cotton, so the mesh of this fabric will truly make a wonderfully functional shawl.

While the fabric looks like it has some metallic yarn in it, it’s just the illusion of a two-color dark/light yarn. I’m hoping to finish this beauty this weekend, but we’ll see!

Happy July y’all.

6 comments on “Thank God For Women

  1. Thank you for speaking up on behalf of women. It’s been a rough week. (I mean life, but this week’s been a doozy.) Your shawl is making me think about crochet after many years with knitting as my craft of choice. It’s quite beautiful and unique.

  2. I’m 69 years old and I have matured during a very interesting time for women and thank you for your acknowledgment of women, all of us who have worked our behinds off to survive. Raising children, using our education to make a difference in a world once dominated by men. Some of them still think that they rule the world but they are dying off fast. Every mother that I have ever known is still a single mother. Unfortunately I made the error of getting married twice, but the first one dumped me just before our first child was born. The second loser taught me about narcissistic personality disorders while working as a pediatrician. Many, many thanks !

  3. I love how you captured the light in the two photos of the April Showers shawl. Very artistic.

    In my professional life at St. Vincent’s (now sadly closed) in NYC’s Greenwich Village, I worked closely with people in the community, many of who identified as LGBTQ. Starting in the late 1970s even before HIV had a name, it was showing up in gay men, there were many (including lesbians, doctors, nurses, and even the Sisters of Charity) who demonstrated compassion for AIDS patients.

    I agree with the “Thank God for Women” headline. Many women, are blessed with excellent memories.

    I feel that women’s rights are being threatened and that we are starting on a slippery slope where other hard-won rights might also be revoked. What we need to do is to be sure that we get out to vote. We need to hold those responsible for the current nightmare to account. Bring it on-come November they will “pay” at the polls.

  4. What makes me sad is how few young people know what it was like in the early years. So much has happened and so many women voters today know nothing about feminism. When aids hit… the deaths, the suffering… every tiny bit forward was such a struggle. So many young people still don’t vote. They don’t understand that every win can be taken away.

    Hurray the crochet! I bought the jumbo ball winder. I think I should have splurged on the artisan one. I spin and ply a bobbin at a time. I have difficulty creating the interim ball with a finer fingering/lace weight. It’s more prone to breakage, to tightness. Any ideas?

    Be well!

  5. You make wonderful points Joe. Sadly those who most urgently need to understand this stuff seem to be the least likely to learn it.

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