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Am I On The Right Path?

How often do you ask yourself, “Am I on the right path?” While I don’t really think there is ever a correct answer for this, I ask it of myself often.

How Do I Determine That I Am On The Right Path?

Like many self-reflective questions, this is more of a koan. Or more of a journey/not destination type of questions.

I’ve come to the realization that there is no definitive answer to this question. But by asking it often, I can do as many fine-gauge calibrations as I need to.

Mostly, I look at how satisfied I am. Is what I’m doing bring me and others joy?

Sometimes, I compare myself to others. But I know this isn’t a really useful way to assess. I’m comparing an already limited view of who I am to an extremely limited view of who they are. But it can still be a useful tool. If someone else has a quality that I admire, I can certainly look to try and be more like them. It may not be an accurate assessment. But it can still provide a goal to aim for, no?

Looking at my circumstances is even more of a false method for assessing my path. Don’t get me wrong…I’m very grateful for my circumstances. But I don’t consider them to be something that validates who I am. At best, if I find a circumstance about which I’m dissatisfied, I don’t look to change the circumstance. I look to change myself. So, for instance, if I’m dissatisfied with my level of anxiety, I work on ways of reducing stress and worry. Obviously, if I’m anxious about something, I’m already doing everything I can to fix the problem. But I can still look at tried and true methods for reducing anxiety like meditation, journaling, walking in nature, exercising.

Then I’m full-circle back to asking if my current path is the right one for me.

How do you assess something so subjective? To what do you compare yourself. What is your “true North” when it comes to knowing your direction?

Current Crochet

The April Showers Shawl is finished! Well…almost.

This beautiful design has a clever method of creating an edging on one side of the shawl as you go from one row to the next. The other three sides, you do a simple edging after all the rows are completed. I still need to finish the edging.

But I am very pleased with how it turned out. It’s huge! From tip-to-tip, this shawl is 9 FUCKING FEET WIDE! But give how fine-gauge it is, even a petite person could easily wrap this beauty in a multitude of ways and it wouldn’t be too bulky.

Now I’m on to the baby blanket!

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