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WTF Friday

On a recent bicycle ride along the Delaware Canal towpath, we saw a disruption to the normally serene water in the canal. Turned into a WTF Friday.

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From afar, it was a little odd to see the water roiling in one spot on the canal. Usually, it’s a duck or goose going underwater to eat the tender shoots at the bottom of the canal bed.

But when Thaddeus and I got closer, it looked more like a scene from Jurassic Park than a canal scene.

These two snapping turtles were going at it. We figured it was either two males fighting or a male and female mating. I guess it’s possible it was two gay/lesbian turtles, but we felt fortunate enough to have witnessed such a rare site that we didn’t want to ascribe something even more rare to the event.

I love the wildlife we see on our biking trips in this area. Deer, muskrats, blue and green heron’s, eagles, turtles, hawks, fish and even an invasive crawfish to this area.

We are very fortunate and grateful for getting to live in such a beautiful area.

Current Knitting

A few inches were added to the Millamia Baby Blanket.

I was a bit concerned that the blanket wasn’t “reversible”, but I think the reverse side looks just fine as well.

As a knitter, I would always see this as the “wrong side,” but I’ve come to find out, many non-knitters find this the nicer looking side of the fabric.

2 comments on “WTF Friday

  1. When I could ride my bike for hours I would see the most interesting things ! One day I rode my bike up a canyon and when I came down there were two male Big Horn Sheep butting horns in the middle of the trail and the echo in the canyon was incredible but I had to go to work and I rode as far away as possible.
    But how cool ! I hope one of them got the girl

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