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Are You A Stuffer or Folder?

Years ago, I tried helping a yarn store customer put away her current project. I never realized it was a question before then, but are you a stuffer or folder?

Unless There’s Some Other Option – Stuffer or Folder?

Most people who know me, understand that I’m both impatient and pragmatic.

Since knitted and crocheted fabric doesn’t crease or permanently wrinkle, I am definitely a stuffer.

You can easily imagine it, I’m sure. I’m rushing to finish the current row of a project while Thaddeus is waiting for me to go to Costco. I hurry through the last few stitches of the row, pick up the project by the scruff of its neck, snatch up the working ball of yarn and the pattern if I’m working from a printed pattern. In one swift movement, I jam it all into one of my hundreds of project bags.

Do I drop stitches sometimes when I do this. Yes…yes I do. But not usually

I’ve honestly never understood the folder personality.

That experience years ago when I went to put a yarn store customer’s knitting project into their project bag by carefully jamming it into their bag was met with a less-than-enthusiastic response. She scolded me as she took it out, folded it neatly and put it back in. I was schooled. Schooled that there are other ways of storing WsIP than my method.

So, which are you? I don’t judge…much.

Current Crochet/Knitting

I worked on two things the last couple of days. First I finished up the last task on the April Showers Shawl. There’s an outer edging around the entire shawl. Cleverly, the designer works the edging on one side as you make the shawl. But then you’re left with crocheting an edging on the other two sides of the triangle.

Since this beauty is 9 feet across the top (yes…that’s correct…108″), I had to crochet 9 feet of edging for just the top. Using the Pythagorean Theorem, that meant I had to crochet an approximately 76″ edge as well. I put it off until yesterday, but now the shawl is officially finished.

There were some technical issues with the Charity Auction for this shawl, but it’s back up and running now.

I also added a few rows to the new baby blanket design.

Other than a bit of curling on the edges, this fabric lays relatively flat. The sewn-on edging that I’ll add will make it perfect. I hope.

6 comments on “Are You A Stuffer or Folder?

  1. Lol. I didn’t even know folder was an option. I do try to make sure my knitting is all the way on the needles. I do roll socks around the needle tubes I use when doing socks on dpns, and it is very satisfying, so I guess that’s almost folding and kind of helps me see the appeal. But seriously I think stuffers must be the majority. Going to take a pill at my next craft group!

  2. I’m a stuffer. Like you, I’m always in a hurry. I can be a stickler about some things, but this isn’t one of them.

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