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Many of you know that my main exercise these days is cycling. This past Wednesday, I had a breakdown about 5 miles from home.

Fortunate Even With A Breakdown

Thaddeus and I have been really enjoying bicycling. Even on hot, Summer days, we just go out a bit earlier to avoid the really hot midday.

This past Wednesday, we decided to go on a 12 mile route along the Delaware River. About five miles out, the back of my bicycle went “clunk” and rendered the machine unworkable.

Turns out, the piece of metal that attaches the rear derailleur to the frame of my bike broke.

Since we were 5 miles away from home, Thaddeus was going to bike home and come fetch me in the car. But fortunately, the derailleur wasn’t interfering with me walking the bicycle. So I opted to let Thaddeus continue his 12 mile ride and walk my broken bicycle home.

Even more fortunate, when we got home, we realized that we had a replacement bicycle already hanging in our garage! Thaddeus had recently replaced his cycle with a new one. And his old one was exactly like mine. We switched in my seat and accessories, re-set the height and position of the handle bars and I was back in action the next day.

Other than a couple of blisters from exercising in a very different way than I’m used to, the whole situation turned out incredible well.

Current Knitting

While I probably should have been finished a while ago, I’m on the last section of the border on the baby blanket.

Just have to finish about 16″ of 1×1 ribbing border, sew it on, and weave in ends.

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