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A Very Specific Audience

Something like this little gem is clearly targeted at a very specific audience, no? Needlepoint, camo, alcohol and Trump. We need a venn diagram.

Facebook Advertising Is Targeted At A Pretty Specific Audience

So what do you believe made Facebook think I would like a needlepoint, camo, Trump flask?

Yes, the needlepoint part I get. I can even get behind camo once in a while. Camo can be kind of a stylish oddity in fashion. But the flask part isn’t for a non-drinker. And the Trump part isn’t for anybody who thinks for themselves.

Two things happen when I see something like this advertised to me on Facebook:

  1. I click on the ad. Each time I do, the company pays for the ad. It’s only a few cents, but it’s nice being able to reverse-charge them for selling such stupid garbage to morons.
  2. I add multiple quantities of items on their site to my shopping cart. I don’t buy anything, of course. I just try and disallow others from purchasing it while it sits in my shopping cart. This particular web site allows me to increase the quantity of an object to the maximum amount they have in-stock. So for over a day now, I’ve kept over 20 items in “out-of-stock status” on their web site.

Both things are petty…I know.

And there are at least two drawbacks:

  1. Facebook also gets payments that I wish they didn’t. But Facebook is also a shitty place to advertise most things. And eventually web sites will recognize this when they pay for thousands of clicks that don’t generate any revenue.
  2. My Facebook advertising gets more and more of anything I click on. But I will never purchase anything I find through a Facebook advertisement. Or if I really see something I want, I’ll open a separate web page and search for it so I don’t make a vendor I like pay anything to Facebook.

Don’t let anyone tell you I don’t do my part.

Current Knitting

I’m finally finished with the baby blanket.

Working with cotton and a new design, I found this last project a bit frustrating. I had to re-work the edging way more times than I would have preferred. But overall, I’m thrilled with the drape, the softness and the stitch pattern for this blanket.

With all the fits and starts of finishing the baby blanket, I decided to start my knitting version of “comfort food.

I have a bunch of random fingering weight yarn, so I decided to make another Knitted Cross-Stitch Scarf to add to my Craft Show inventory.

While I love how these two colorways are working together, I can’t really tell you what yarns I’m using. Two random, leftover yarns in my stash.

I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to be making fast and constant progress on what will be a beautiful scarf.

What’s your go-to project when you need instant gratification?

4 comments on “A Very Specific Audience

  1. You’ve made my day! I need to start clicking on more of those idiotic/scammer ads on FB. Thanks for the idea, Joe. You are the best.

  2. If I get a solicitation in the mail I don’t like with a post- paid envelope I mail it back so they get charged.. You are doing the modern version!

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