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Self Inspiration

Does self-criticism get you moving? Or does your self inspiration come from supportive and encouraging self-talk?

My Kind Of Self-Inspiration

I walked into my cubicle at work one day to find the maintenance supervisor of our building on my phone, screaming at someone. I assumed he was yelling at one of the maintenance guys telling them to get their ass up here and paint this fucking window trim like he told them last week. When he finally finished his tirade, he slammed down the phone.

He was a friend of mine, so I didn’t mind he was using my phone. I asked him which of his guys was in so much trouble.

He replied, “Oh…I was just leaving a voicemail for myself.”

My kind of motivation is more of a carrot than a stick. I will always offer myself rewards or incentives to get something done. Like yesterday, I promised myself a piece of hummingbird cake and an iced latte if I got my tasks finished.

But despite that, I have been known to use my friends trick of leaving a scathing voicemail to myself to light a fire under my ass.

What works best for you to get you motivated? Carrot cake or stick?

Current Knitting

One of the items I was NOT required to finish before getting cake and coffee was my current knitting project! Though, I did get some work done on it since Monday.

It will be a little wider and bit longer than some of my earlier Knitted Cross-Stitch scarves.

I have also decided my next project…can’t wait to tell you about it soon!

4 comments on “Self Inspiration

  1. I have seriously never heard of this voice mail method. The last thing I need to do to myself is intentionally bad mouth myself. Do that plenty already.

    The thing that motivates me most is finishing something. Anything. Makes it seem possible that I might finish something else some day. Well maybe it doesn’t motivate me exactly but it gives me hope! #adhdadilt

    1. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of such a thing. No one I care about would dream of speaking to me this way. Why would I do it to myself?

      I treat myself all the time. When I procrastinate there’s usually a reason. I’m bored, I’m tired or I over committed.

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