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Bright Shiny Object

With a million possible projects I could start, it’s always the new, bright shiny object that gets my attention. Especially if it means buying more yarn.

What New Bright Shiny Object Is THIS?!?!

Recently, a friend posted a finished project on social media.

Silvatica Stole knitted by Nevets

Nevets is always knitting beautiful things, but I LOVED how this one looked. I needed to make it immediately. It’s the Silvatica Stole by Anna Husemann. I purchased the magazine issue of PomPom. The stole is made using an Ito laceweight yarn made of paper and wool called Urugami. And the fuzzy shapes are made with another Ito laceweight yarn made of mohair and silk called Sensai.

Of course, I have neither of those yarns.

But I do have a great laceweight yarn by Briar Rose called Angel Face that I thought would be perfect for the background. And I could have sworn I had some Kid Silk Haze in a few different colors that would have worked well. But alas, no Kid Silk Haze. So I’ve ordered some of the Sensai in 4 different colors than the pattern calls for. I’ve also ordered 4 different colors of a different Kid Silk yarn in colors that seem similar to the pattern.

I’ve even started to swatch the background color yarn to make sure I like the fabric.

I think it’ll be perfect and I can’t wait for the other yarns to arrive. And I am incredibly glad I had the Stanwood ball-winder to wind so much laceweight yarn. I’d have hand-cramps with any of the other winders.

Current Knitting

I finished the latest Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf and I’m quite pleased with it.

I changed my mind about the width since I really like the 5.5″ (14 cm) width on these scarves. This one ended up being quite long at 79″ (200 cm). Love the cacaphony of colors in this one. I’m sure it will sell quickly at the craft show.

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