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Hungry-Thirsty Shopping

Costco expands my shopping experience by multiples. Especially when I am hungry-thirsty shopping at Costco.

I Don’t Often Go Hungry-Thirsty Shopping

Do you?

We go to Costco about every 3 weeks. This past Wednesday was one of those visits.

It’s been very hot lately here, so I was probably a little dehydrated. And very thirsty. Every time I’d see a beverage product that looked refreshing, I wanted to buy it. After about the third item I was looking at adding to my cart that I would NEVER usually buy, I realized I must be really thirsty. So I was able to logically stop myself from purchasing them.

I’m grateful for the tiny bit of self-understanding.

And often when I’m really hungry or thirsty, Thaddeus isn’t. He’ll often stop me when I try to buy a case of Fever Tree Grapefruit Tonic Water.

And the hungry part. I’m used shopping when I’m hungry. I just stay a little more vigilant than usual and I can end up not purchasing anything that I’ll regret. Again, Thaddeus and I rarely are both hungry when we do any grocery shopping, so we each provide a stop-gap for each other.

On the rare occasion when we’re both SWHOT (shopping while hungry or thirsty), we’ll often times leave the store with something we’ll regret. And when we’re shopping at Costco, it’s often a LOT of regret.

I mean what gay man could resist “creamy nut filling” when you’re hungry/thirsty? Right?

I’ve had two of these treats since Wednesday. And they are quite delicious. Sections of crispy, sweet, nut-cream-filled pillows of delight. I honestly don’t really regret having bought them. However, I am grateful that Thaddeus has decided to give the remaining candy away to a social group of his. Now I won’t have to deal with keeping to one candy bar a day until they’re gone.

Purchased anything lately that you only bought because you were hungry or thirsty at the store?

Current Knitting

Trying to focus solely on knitting hats for a friend’s project.

I finished the first hat, almost finished the second hat and started the third hat. At this pace, I’m hopeful to hit my quota of ten hats by next weekend.

I’m using my QueerJoe’s Simple Hat Pattern (free Ravelry download) I’m getting to use up a bunch of varied worsted weight yarns and adding stripes as it strikes my fancy. So far, I’m using only wool, but I may add some contrasting acrylic as I continue.

3 comments on “Hungry-Thirsty Shopping

  1. There’s also the opposite, shopping when full: I don’t want any snacks if I’ve just eaten, but then I have no snacks at home when I’m hungry again!

  2. Omg. I love kinderbueno! The only thing that keeps me from buying them all the time is knowing how many little bits of plastic wrapping they come in. I totally laughed at the image of you 2 in Costco because last night I just watched a very early (season one episode maybe 5 or 6) episode of Modern Family where Mitch finally realized the “Costco-ness” of Costco and goes bananas buying tons of stuff. I also don’t have a Costco membership and just occasionally tag along with friends because there’s no way I would be able to control myself. 😝 At regular stores if I’m SWOT I at least can’t go totally overboard because yes, I live in the wild side and SWOT fairly often (possibly due to being ADHD and just not being good at planning my day).

  3. Hi joe
    I never go shopping hungry because I will buy everything in sight lol. Lately I do a list on my phone and try to stick to it as much as possible. & walking out I feel good knowing I didn’t over buy ✌🏽💖

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