Four Weeks to Lift Off - NEMFKR 2021 - Aaron and James

Four Weeks To Lift Off

Yes, there are four weeks to lift off for the 2022 NorthEast Men’s Fiber Retreat! And the last four weeks before it happens are my busiest.

What Happens In the Four Weeks To Lift Off

Aaron, in the feature photo today will be coordinating another NorthEast Men’s Fiber Retreat next month. It coincides with the Adirondack Fiber Arts Festival just down the hill from our retreat venue.

So, first of all, what’s already happened:

  • Registration
  • Attendee Master List Set Up
  • Confirmation E-Mails and Gathering of Attendee Information (dietary requirements, ride-share needs, etc.)
  • Project Bag Purchase
  • Name Tags
  • Extra Days Purchase
  • Lodging Assignment List Prepared

And now:

  • There is almost always a cancellation or two. In fact, we just had a cancellation, so if you know of anyone that might be interested in attending on 4-weeks notice, have them get in touch with me. There is only one spot left, so I can’t promise it will still be available if someone expresses interest. But I thought I’d put it out her just in case.
  • Final deposit/payment to Easton Mountain
  • Coordinating ride-shares (local transportation from the train station/airport, etc.)
  • Printing off agendas and name tags
  • Purchasing last-minute items (candy/snacks, COVID quick-tests, etc.)
  • Packing up a car-full of things to bring (tag sale table materials, circular sock knitting machine, project bags and contents, etc., etc.)

There’s a lot more boring stuff on this to-do list. Well, boring to you perhaps, but a never-ending source of joy for me. Having missed the May retreat this past Spring, I am really itching to be back at Easton Mountain and with my people.

To say I’m excited would be a vast understatement.

Current Knitting

Two more hats completed.

This is another task to be completed before retreat “lift off” and I have three more hats to finish. I’m hoping to finish them this week. The one above with some simple colorwork took a bit longer than the others, but I think it was worth it.

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