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It’s Tomato Soup Time Again!

Two great things happened this weekend. Thaddeus found 25 pounds of “seconds”, so it’s tomato soup time again. And I finished the 10th of 10 hats!

A Winter’s Supply – Tomato Soup Time

Years ago, we were at a very fine restaurant and Thaddeus and I both ordered the “roasted tomato soup” for his starter. It was excellent. And Thaddeus said, “I could make this.”

Thaddeus has a really good sense of taste, and I didn’t doubt that he could replicate this rich and delicious soup. He’s been making gallons of this soup ever since.

Roasted Tomato Soup 17

Each year, he waits until later in the fresh tomato season, and finds a place that has a lot of tomato seconds. Often he can get them for as little as $1 a pound, since it’s not likely the place will sell them at all with imperfections.

Six years ago (to this very date), I posted his recipe and process for making this delicious soup.

And now we have a few gallons put away to enjoy over the Winter. So satisfying.

Current Knitting

Happy to say, I’ve finished the last (almost) of 10 hats I’m knitting.

I was thinking that the last hat was my favorite, until I put them all out to photograph them individually, and as a group.

And now I’m not so sure. I’d probably pick a different one as my favorite. But that choice might also change from day-to-day.

Which one would you pick…today?

2 comments on “It’s Tomato Soup Time Again!

  1. I pinned T’s soup recipe to my Pinterest soup board! Also I could totally see being such a beanie person that one would have all those hats a pick which one went best wash day. I’m leaning towards blue /green even stripes for today.

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