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Eliminate The Jog

I know there are many tutorials on how to eliminate the jog in color-striped knitting in-the-round. Now there’s another one.

My Method To Eliminate The Jog

If you like your current method of fixing the color-shift that happens when you knit stripes in-the-round (known as “the jog”), then stick with it. I originally tried using the method where you knit the last stitch of the round in a new color into the stitch below the first stitch of the round. There are tons of videos that show this method. I recommend that you try any or all of them to see which you prefer. Honestly, there are no perfect methods to get it perfect. Helical stripes are the most accurate method. But it’s also a lot more complex. Especially if you want thicker stripes.

Before you try out different methods of jog-remediation, I’d like to suggest that you understand the principles of in-the-round knitting that create the jog.

Consider that the rounds of circular knitting are a slinky.

If you tried to paint one “round” of the slinky, what would happen?

Where you’d end your painting would be one round above where you started. There would be a jog or shift in color.

Triple Helix 3-Color 01

So, to fix this jog, you’d have to disconnect the end of the round and re-attach it to the beginning of the round. Thus completely changing the structure of the slinky.

Or, to be a little less severe, you could slightly bend the end of the round to point it down toward the beginning of the round. It might fool the eye to make it look like the end of the round is connected to the beginning of the round. That’s what most jog-remediation methods do. The distort the first and last stitch of the round to make it look like they’re connected.

Here’s my method of doing it, which I find easy and effective.

I’ll be interest to know what others think.

Current Knitting

Other than the two hats in the featured photo, I haven’t been doing any other knitting.

Eliminate The Jog - Two Hats To Compare 09-01-22 01

Despite how crude my video tutorials end up being, it takes quite a bit of preparation to get produce them. I was hoping to post this yesterday (my standard Wednesday blog post), but I ran into a bit of technical problems.

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  1. Finally, at nearly midnight I could carve out time to watch this.

    Definitely makes sense for hats and it will soon be that season. Looking forward to trying it.

    And the float catch . . . I’ve always fumbled with that. I think I’ve got it.

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