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Pre-Retreat Tasks

The week before a Men’s Knitting Retreat, I have a massive list of pre-retreat tasks to do. I can mark “Haircut” off the list!

What’s Next On The Pre-Retreat Tasks List?

Mostly, it’s organizing all of the items that need to make their way up to Easton Mountain on Monday.

In addition to packing clothes, toiletries, project(s) to work on, and show & tell items, like the other guys, I also have to carry a retreat-ful of stuff with me.

  • The project bags we give out and all that go in them
  • Name tags
  • Agendas
  • Yarn swift and ball-winder
  • Spinning wheel
  • Tag sale table items
  • Posters of the agenda
  • Candy/Snacks
  • Camera/gimbal/tripod
  • Lighting/extension cords
  • Checkbook and credit card
  • Expert Table signs, demos and handouts

There’s more, but I have to stop. My head is spinning a bit just from the initial list.

Fortunately, a lot of organization has gone into the event prior to this week. And I’ve done these tasks enough to know that it will all come together.

  • Local transportation from the airport/train/bus station are all organized
  • The retreat venue has all of the housing information and dietary requirements
  • I’ve ordered some items and had them shipped directly up to Easton Mountain

There is also a list of things I do once I’m up there:

  • Get a mani/pedi
  • Purchase wine for the opening reception
  • Get ice cream for our Saturday Sundaes

I’ll be busy next week at the retreat as well. But I can look forward to nice long soaks in the hot tub. And being among my favorite people in the World.

Current Knitting/Crochet

I know the Silvatica Stole seems like the simplest knitting possible. But honestly, it requires too much of my attention right now. So I’ve put it down for the moment. And started a new project.

This will be another April Showers Shawl. I’m doing it in very fine silk. Hopefully there will be enough silk on this cone to finish!

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  1. Enjoy the retreat and look forward to hearing about it! Hope you all have the most wonderful time and I’ll doing my anti rain/perfect weather dance for the week.
    So happy for you all! Best wishes to everyone!

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