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Acceptance Can Be So Satisfying

When I write that acceptance can be so satisfying, maybe it’s more of a relief. I honestly worry that I won’t make it one year.

Why Acceptance Can Be So Satisfying

I think everyone has a bit of “imposter syndrome.” Feeling like a fraud. And even though I’ve been knitting for over 3 decades, I sometimes feel like my work isn’t good enough.

Also, each year I only apply to two different artisan/craft shows to sell my knitwear. And it’s never been about making money. Although I’ve done well enough to continue doing shows, I am much more interested in seeking public approval for my work. And obviously, public approval is indicated by people buying my work.

Please don’t take this post as begging for praise. Most people who read a knitting blog know how good (or not good) my knitting/crocheting is.

I guess the most satisfaction I get from acceptance is the wonderment of a non-knitter/crocheter looking at one of my garments and just loving it for how it looks.

Current Crochet

I’ve added a few rows to the April Showers Silk Shawl.

Honestly, I’m quite thrilled with how much progress I’ve made on this shawl. The first row (after the chain foundation) is a bugger and is also the longest row of stitches in the entire garment. And crocheting with this silk is a bit “sqeaky” and not as silky smooth as one might imagine. And yes, each subsequent row gets shorter…so I’ve done the hardest five rows so far!

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  1. I enjoy reading about your knitting life post retirement. I have two years to go but stories like yours continue to inspire what I hope will be a life inspired by craft and family.

    P.S. Enjoy the praise. Your skills didn’t just happen. They are a spectacular achievement.

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