Panic Mode Flemington Fine Artisan Show 10-05-22 01

Panic Mode Engaged

The feature photo today was just posted on Facebook by the show’s organizer. I immediately went into panic mode.

Panic Mode Entails…

For my first craft show of the season, I’m a bit behind where I usually am. I don’t know what I have in inventory. Of that inventory, I have no idea how much of it is priced, added to my electronic inventory and ready to be displayed and/or sold.

I know what I have to do. But honestly, I’m not comfortable with the time I have to do it.

I’ll need to export a CSV file of my current inventory.

Then, I pull out the bins with all my items and compare all of what I actually have with what’s in the electronic inventory. Making sure everything has a price tag and re-fold it neatly in its bin.

Then I have to update the electronic inventory with those items that I don’t really have.

Finally, I have to take all of the items I’ve made since last year, create a price tag and then add them to electronic inventory.

Well…actually, that’s not “finally.” I then have to assess any items I need to make between now and NEXT MONTH. Make them. Price them. Load them into inventory.

I may not be quite as prepared as I usually am for my first craft show of the season.

Wish me luck and send Valium.

Current Crochet

I may have to put down my current project so that I can focus on items that I will actually put up for sale next month.

And remember…you furbabies recognize panic with an acute sense of how they can torture you.

Yes…Finn needed to help with the photo shoot this morning. He could JUST TELL that I was in a hurry and sat down exactly where it would stop everything.

It’s a good thing he’s so beautiful.

4 comments on “Panic Mode Engaged

  1. Great to hear how Finn got involved. In the way, sitting on knitting, but always beautiful and in his own way, in your corner.
    Lots of good thoughts for your first craft show of the season. Good energy sent your way too.
    And if you need a testimonial for your fingerless mitts….They are the best! As we haven’t yet turned on the heat, I have them on right now. I even slept in them the other night.
    Best wishes!!!

  2. You’ll be fine. Take a couple of deep breaths and relax every 30 minutes. You’ll be surprised how much you have done after a couple of hours.

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