Flags and Crosses are Suspect

Flags and Crosses Are Suspect

It’s kind of annoying that the MAGA assholes have co-opted two symbols that should bring comfort. But for now, both flags and crosses are suspect.

What Makes Flags and Crosses So Suspect?

It used to be that when someone displayed an American flag, it was a symbol of patriotism. Someone trying to demonstrate their love for this country.

And while I’ve never been a huge fan of religion, I never felt any unease when I saw someone display a cross, or other symbols of their faith.

But that’s all changed.

Seeing either of these symbols is now reason to hate the person displaying them for me. They are now being used as a symbol of racism, hate and support of a cancer in this country. And the bigger the display, the more clear it is that the person displaying it is filled with hate. Seeing a pick-up truck driving down the highway with a big flag waving atop is tantamount to a sign that states “hateful bigot.” And the more you need to proudly display a symbol of Christianity, seems to indicate just how unChristian you probably are.

It’s possible I’m making too much of these symbols in my head. But I’m sure most people would agree that the majority of people displaying either or both of these symbols is also displaying other indicators of their hate. A decal…a bumper sticker…a gun rack.

Don’t get me wrong. I never felt compelled to display either symbol to let others know how I stood. But I am still yet resentful that they have been co-opted for hate and bigotry.

So, if you feel the need to display your patriotism…or your love of Christ, I would suggest that these two symbols represent neither anymore.

Current Crochet/Craft Show Update

It appears that I might have two more 2-row repeats left with this cone of yarn.

Fortunately, the lacy, drapiness of the silk fabric will create a nice wrap even without it being triangular.

Very old-fashioned ivory-colored lace. And the silk makes it both warm and lightweight. This has been a very satisfying project.

Craft Show Prep

I was able to finish verifying and correcting the inventory list. Now I need to put the items made since last year into the inventory. And attach tags. Once that’s complete, I’ll have a better sense about what items I should make between now and next month to make sure I have enough of the items that sell well.

It won’t be perfect, but it will be fine.

11 comments on “Flags and Crosses Are Suspect

  1. I’m sorry flags and crosses have been ruined for you. I’m pretty much in agreement with you about crosses and about flags flying in pickup trucks. But we fly an American flag in front of our house (we started doing this after 9/11) and the only other thing we “display” is the handicapped veteran/purple heart license plates on our vehicles, so I hope you don’t think there is hate in our home. There is not.

    1. Thanks Kay…interesting about flying a flag on your house. If I didn’t know you as a neighbor, I would be suspect. Kind of annoying to have this symbol co-opted by MAGAssholes.

  2. I feel you on this issue. As a trans person see those things in abundance makes me really nervous. That said, my spouse and son are big into Scouts and we fly a flag outside of our house. Both of them wince when they see the flags on cars, because apparently getting the flag dirty (as happens in traffic) and torn is hugely disrespectful to flag. It is funny how many things you are not supposed to do with a flag are being done in the name of supporting it. As for Christians I know good ones and bad ones, the good ones never seem as loud as the bad ones to me, so I agree with you on that take. It can be scary out there, especially in a conservative community. At any rate I love your blog and perspective, and I am enjoying your projects.

  3. I don’t quite hate flag and cross displays, together or separate, but I certainly *distrust* them. On the other hand, when the flag displays betray utter ignorance of the various codes governing respectful treatment of the flag, it becomes clear that the displayer (is that a word) also disrespects everything that the flag is supposed to stand for.

  4. I think a lot of it has to do with the manner of display. Giant white truck with giant flag and giant white American with gun rack=terrifying. American flag flying in a normal pole with maybe another kind of flag nearby—like a rainbow flag! Or another country too, denoting dual citizenship etc= just fine. I don’t see people using crosses the same way so much. I mean like I literally have not seen it. The whole verbal co-option of Christianity by people who live lives that are No Way in line with Jesus’ teaching though, is totally mind blowing and awful. It has definitely made the word “Christian” sadly suspect in my mind. Though I know and am related to many what I now refer to as “Real Christians” (ie people who love everyone unconditionally wherever their gender or race or social status and believe the Earth’s a beautiful gift that we must cherish.) Nations and religions have a way of being used for ill gains (nationalism/ xenophobia/ zealotry) throughout history so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, but it still sucks.

    As for the crochet, I cannot imagine working in such fine yarn! What size hook is that? You make such good progress with every post. It’s going to be amazing!!

    1. The gentle Cristians I know are just that, gentle. They quietly do the right thing. They don’t go for big displays. Especially where I am, midwest Wisconsin. And I agree with you on the needle size. Silk us so slippery.

  5. Hi Joe,
    I agree with your comments about flags/religion, I was just talking to my friends about this the other day. Maybe we should take back the American Flag? We could all start putting political signs on our front lawns, and flying the American flag (be sure to use signs that don’t show a party affiliation). This would work because these uneducated Trumpholes will vote for our candidates just because we have an American flag in our yard. The problem with this plan is that it makes me squirm to even think about flying the flag, but it’s our flag too, dammit! Maybe it’s time for a new American flag, a flag that stands for unity, love, and progress. We are crafters, we should get to work on this.

  6. I feel the same way. I have a neighbor that displays the confederate flag. It makes me feel fearful. And ashamed when I have guests. Thankfully their house is on the next block and faces away from us. Perhaps it is a gross exaggeration but it does remind me of the Nazi co-opting of the flying cross. BTW I live in Wisconsin! I’m originally from New York. I love here because I love nature. The passive aggressive posturing not so much.

  7. My aunt knew all the ‘flag rules’ so it makes me mad to see these so called ‘lovers of the flag’ disrespect it so. And like those above, I really doubt the sincerity of the ‘flag fliers’. I also have a problem with ‘vocal’ Christians. Best advice…you will know them by their actions. Someone said one time that ‘Christian’ was a verb, you are supposed to be showing the same kind of love and life Christ lead. Yeah, right…not as easy to walk the walk as to talk the talk. Okay, enough from me. I feel you and agree. And incredible scarf you are working on.

  8. Joe, ironically, on the top of your post about flags and crosses, I see an ad for “the Dixie Shop,” which touts its large collection of confederate-themed products. I bet you have no control over the ads paired with your posts, but this one is truly awful and seems to be mocking the post that appears below it. So maybe you could protest its inclusion.

    1. Thanks Purlgin…banner ads are generated by Google, and they often try to use my content to determine what readers might want to see. I have limited ability to do criteria banning of ads, but I can list specific URLs that I don’t want advertising. Thanks for letting me know about this advertiser. I think I have banned them from any future advertising. I don’t want anyone feeling unwelcome because of hateful symbols like they sell.

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