2022 NorthEast Men's Fall Fiber Retreat - Group Photo

Final Recap – 2022 NorthEast Men’s Fall Fiber Retreat

Synergy has never been more obvious than with the group of guys who attended the 2022 NorthEast Men’s Fall Fiber Retreat last month.

The Most Synergistic Yet – 2022 NorthEast Men’s Fall Fiber Retreat

The group of guys attending the retreat were widely varied in many ways. Introverts, extroverts, knitters, weavers, tatters, crocheters. There were older guys and younger guys. Outdoorsy guys and more urban guys. Truly, one of the most diverse group I’ve ever been a part of.

And yet the way they coalesced as a vibrant, supportive, and loving community was astounding. Again.

I didn’t take many photos, so I’ve chosen a few of the photos the guys have shared with me from the retreat.

I’m still shocked that I took so few photos. And I have to brag a bit. I’ve gotten pretty good at taking photos of the guys that convey the amazing community that gets created. And I don’t really have enough of those in the photos the guys shared with me.

Still yet, I was so glad to have been a part of it. And I can’t wait for May for the Spring event.

Current Crochet and Knitting

I know that this never-ending cone of silk will eventually need to finish.

Looks like after I’ve used up all the silk, it will end up being about 20″ tall and 70″ wide (at its widest point).

I’ll be very happy with that.

Having also finished updating all the latest garments into the craft show inventory, I realized I need more of my signature “Knitted Cross Stitch Scarves”, so I did cast on for one of those yesterday as well.

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  1. Great to see the photos of this fantastic Men’s Knitting Retreat. Fun to see some familiar faces were there too. and so many amazing creations!

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