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Feet – Sexy Or Gross?

Interested to know what readers think of feet – sexy or gross? I personally don’t think I have the nicest looking feet, so I wondered how much that had to do with it.

Are Your Feet Sexy or Gross?

If you’re totally grossed out by feet, I’m afraid this blog post isn’t for you. I have always had rather stumpy feet. But these photos are shortly after I had a pedicure. So, they’re as good looking as they get for me.

I’ve gotten to the point were I find feet in general neither sexy, nor gross. Even my own.

Don’t get me wrong…I don’t want to be a podiatrist. Or a pedicurist. I mean, feet are fine. But I don’t want to have to be looking at them for a living.

And also, if someone doesn’t take decent care of their feet, it can change how I see them. If someone is otherwise attractive, for instance, but they have gnarly feet, it brings down their attractiveness level. No?

Current Knitting

I finished the first Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf and started a second one using the same two yarns.

Here’s what the first one looks like.

I’m hopeful to finish a total of 4 of these scarves before the November craft show.

Wish me luck!

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