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I Voted

It seems sad that I need to sound like I’m boasting when I’m simply doing my civic duty. But yes, I voted. Have you?

Early Voting in Pennsylvania Allows Me To Declare – I Voted

It used to be that when I was working, I had to file each election for an absentee ballot. Since I was rarely home on an election day Tuesday, I could always submit my vote early.

With COVID, Pennsylvania allowed for mail-in ballots with no excuse necessary. So I didn’t have to be absent from my voting district to be able to vote by mail. Fortunately, this has continued as COVID has been having less impact on our State.

So I just submitted my ballot. It was a relatively simple ballot this year. And even more simple when I chose to prioritize what I wanted out of my candidates:

  1. Specifically stated they were for our Country’s/State’s voting processes, democracy and and the Constitution (I could stop here…shocking how many candidates on the ballot couldn’t even meet this criteria).
  2. Supports a woman’s right to choose.
  3. Supports LGBTQ rights.
  4. Will work to address the climate crisis.

As I noted, there really wasn’t any choice on my ballot this year. For each position where I needed to vote, it was very clear.

Don’t get me wrong, I can be as tribal as anyone when it comes to sticking with my political party. But I can promise you that if someone in my party went rogue and decided they couldn’t support a woman’s right to choose, or that the climate crisis was a hoax…I could easily find myself looking for an alternative to my party’s nominee.

I’m hopeful true conservatives will feel the same and vote in their own best interests this election period. But honestly, I don’t hold out much hope.

I know I’ve begged before, but please make sure you vote this election if you’re in the U.S. It really is a critical time for us.

Current Knitting

Banging out these Knitted Cross Stitch Scarves seems to be going more and more quickly. I finished the second scarf, and I’m quite pleased.

I used the same two yarns as the first one, but with more of the bright green color than the handpainted darker yarn.

The first one I knit is on the right (with more blues/oranges/yellows). But I like them both. One of the things I love about this design is you can get two full scarves out of two 100 gram balls of fingering weight yarn.

Two more scarves to go.

3 comments on “I Voted

  1. Early voting here in Massachusetts has been codified so we were able to get mail-in ballots for both the primary and general elections. It feels good to have this obligation (for it really is one) taken care of so effortlessly. The only drawback is one doesn’t get a “I Voted” sticker, but I can handle that. πŸ™‚

    hmm – in proof reading my post I stopped at “a “I Voted”… AN I voted or A I voted??? I opted for “A” because sticker is the object while I voted is the adjective, but is that wrong or right? Please advise.

    1. Someone on my zoom call with a degree in linguistics said it should be “…an “I Voted sticker…” He said it’s based on phonetics of the word following a or an not on the object. His example was….”I have an alpaca” would be “I have a brown alpaca”

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