Apple Time Is Relative

Apple Time Is Relative

Most of my Apple devices are pretty quick. Until I see this image…and then Apple time is relative.

Einstein Knows That Apple Time Is Relative

Over the years, I have converted over all my technology to Apple. I listened to the hype that Apple devices were faster and better and more secure. And honestly, I thought there was a prestige about Apple that was very appealing. Not the best reasons, but there it is.

Recently, having a phone, tablet, desktop and watch all with Apple has somewhat paid off.

The iMac was updated to Ventura and the two IOS devices were updated to IOS 16. If you’ve ever seen the feature image on your screen, you know it seems like an eternity for Apple devices to update the operating systems. And I made a rookie mistake on my iMac update (I left the update unattended with a Word document open/unsaved and it couldn’t close down my computer to apply the update).

Yes, I love being able to easily switch a Facetime call to/from my computer and phone devices. And having scheduling and unsend functionality on my e-mails and text messages is great. I can also eliminate an app on my iPhone that lets me use my iPhone as my web cam. But most importantly, I now have My Photo Stream.

I take a photo on my iPhone and it’s already on my iMac and iPad. Nothing I need to do.

I used to connect from my iPhone to my iMac via lightning cord and transfer blog photos 3 times a week. The new shared photo stream between my devices is very convenient for me.

Pretty soon, the blog will write itself!

Current Knitting

I got a little backed up with things on my schedule and didn’t quite finish the fourth of four Knitted Cross Stitch Scarves.

But it will definitely be done in time for my first craft show on November 6th.

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  1. I started with Mac ii in my freshman year of college in 1988 and have been exclusively Apple ever since. Becaus le the idea of switching always seems waay too complicated. It’s expensive but has always been pretty seamless until the last OS update my newish fully capable MacBook Pro didn’t convert my iTunes library of thousands of songs to the new “music” app (remember when we used to call them “programs”?!). I feel personally let down. Lol 😝 after all these years of semi-forced loyalty they could at least not lose my thousands of songs.I haven’t given up hope but the suggestions I got from the “Apple Community” did not do the trick. I have an old backup but I’m afraid to use it and mess up what I do have…I guess I’m going to need to call in some actual IT help. 🤦‍♀️

    Love that scarf!

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