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Happy Halloween

A very happy Halloween to those who celebrate. I’ve never been much into the holiday, but I know a lot of my people are.

What Makes A Happy Halloween For You?

Some folks like trick or treating both going and giving out candy to trick or treaters. Some just love the candy part of that. Others enjoy watching horror movies. Costume parties are also big among my people.

My town of New Hope, Pennsylvania has a sister-city across the Delaware River in New Jersey…Lambertville.

Those folks take Halloween VERY seriously. The houses in Lambertville are often way more decorated for Halloween than any other holiday. Including Christmas.

This is just one house that is known for its annual Halloween decorations. At night, there are lots of eery lighting (black lights, red lights in the eyes of the ghouls, etc.).

Lambertville also hosts a costumed pet parade and they often close down automobile traffic on one road so that masses of people can celebrate, give out candy, see the house decorations, etc.

As for Thaddeus and I? We turn off all outer lights, make popcorn and watch movies and television before retiring early. Honestly, there hasn’t been trick or treating in our neighborhood for decades, so we don’t even have to ignore doorbells.

Current Knitting

As expected, I was able to finish the fourth of four Knitted Cross Stitch Scarves.

This last one is actually my favorite. I love the deep, rich purple and the splashes of contrasting colors. Perfect balance in my opinion.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Joan writes:

I, also love this scarf. Please share what yarn you are using.

The yarn is two different colorways from Dragonfly Fibers in a base yarn they call Djinni Sock. The purple is colorway Daenerys and the multi-color is Starry Night.

Since each of my Knitted Cross Stitch Scarves take approximately 400 yards of yarn, I can make two slightly different scarves with the two balls of yarn.

One uses a bit more purple than the other, but they’re very similar.

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