The Frankenscarf

The Frankenscarf!

When circular sock knitters blend together a lot of leftover yarn, the call it the frankensock. So I call mine the frankenscarf!

What Exactly Is The Frankenscarf?

When you take parts of dead or leftover balls of sock yarn, crochet them into a random blend of colors, you have perhaps created the perfect monster.

With all the work I’ve been doing on Knitted Cross Stitch scarves, I have a lot of remnants of fingering weight yarn. In many different colorways, patterns, etc.

If I have enough of any yarn to make on ”strand” of the Interwoven Crochet Scarf, then I can incorporate it as part of the scarf.

The strands of “boxcar crochet” are intertwined and create this really great mesh fabric. It’s stretchy and soft and has a great drape. Plus, I think it melds multi-color yarn in a very appealing way.

I did a very amateur video on how to create this crochet fabric years ago – . Crocheters have made this, by FAR, my most watched video of all time on YouTube with over 85,000 views.

I know I’m no Gregory Stitch, but I still think that’s impressive.

Current Crochet

Obviously, I’m working on a Frankenscarf…or an interwoven crochet scarf.

The finished scarf will be about 60″ (152 cm) long and about 6″ (15 cm) wide. I’m over half finished, so this beauty will definitely be added to my craft show inventory for sale this coming Sunday.

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  1. Frankenscarf looks great. Congratulations on your most watched video. (I’ll make the count one more!)
    Best wishes for a great Sunday at the craft market.

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