Twenty Years of QueerJoe - Has it really been 20 years

Twenty Years of QueerJoe

Hard to believe that Veterans Day, 2002, I wrote my first blog entry for QueerJoe. It was really just a test-balloon and now it’s been twenty years of QueerJoe

Please Help Me Celebrate Twenty Years of QueerJoe

There are over 2,600 blog entries in the past 20 years…an average of 2.5 blog entries per week, which I am surprised about.

Just a few throwbacks:

  • Thaddeus and I hadn’t quite celebrated our 19th anniversary when I first started blogging
  • My first blog entry, I had an idea about how I could make digital photos and post them, but I honestly wasn’t sure I could
  • All my first blog entries were written in HTML
  • There weren’t any decent and affordable softwares for editing digital photos that I knew about back in 2002
  • Posting photos required me to upload them to a host server, and posting an HTML link to the photo
  • I only knew of two other knitting blogs back then…Marilyn’s (The Knitting Curmudgeon) and Wendy’s (Wendy Knits). I tried to be a little bit like both of them
  • Most people thought I was the nice one and Marilyn was the mean one…until they met us in-person
  • The blog was named based on my AOL screen name at the time
  • I have never gotten used to being identified by my blog name in public places around people I don’t know well
  • If the blog never existed:
    • I may knot have continued knitting at all and I probably would never have designed knitwear
    • I would never have met some of the most amazing people I know (early on, Ted, Kathy, Carol, Marilyn, Selma, Franklin)
    • The Men’s Knitting Retreats probably wouldn’t have ever happened
    • Craft shows of me selling my knitting wouldn’t have occurred

Many thanks to anyone who has ever read QueerJoe over the last two decades. Thank you to anyone who has ever commented or contributed to QueerJoe. Thank you to anyone who has ever felt they found community because of this blog.

I have often replied to readers who e-mailed me that I love writing QueerJoe and would write it even if no one read it and the readership is the icing on the cake. But that’s not really true…the community of this readership is the only reason I write QueerJoe.

Current Knitting

Despite all the recent healthcare activity and associated recovery (I’ll post about it on Monday), I was still able to finish the latest Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf.

Not my typical colors, but I still think this one is a real beauty and will sell quickly.

I also started a second one which I think is even better.

Of course, this one has the deep blue yarn to complement the bright yellows/oranges/reds in the yarn from the first scarf. Maybe that’s why I think it’s even better.

What do you think?

12 comments on “Twenty Years of QueerJoe

  1. Congratulations, Joe. Truly a great journey you have been on. I discovered your blog 16 years ago. Best wishes for many more years.

  2. Proud to say I’ve been with you since the very beginning. Also with the dear Curmudgeon and Wendy for many years thanks to the original KnitList. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! Love the rare photo of Thaddeus and that fall color scarf! I started reading your blog and the yarn harlot a number of years ago then kind of lost recap of you, now I have lost track of her. Lol. Ebbs and flows. You are certainly most welcome!

  4. Many thanks Joe for letting us follow along all this time! I found you in the pre-Ravelry days when I wanted to see if anyone else has tried to knit what looked to me like a rather fiddly pattern. That was you! You have lots of well wishers out here! The pattern was Bear Claw Mat from the Spring 2005 IK.

  5. Congratulations to 20 years and the beginning of a great knitting career. It has been almost that long for me enjoying you, Marilyn, and Wendy. I’m glad you kept it up and it is still fun to read!

  6. Congratulations to you for continuing to blog and being an inspiration to many of us for 20 (omg – that long?) years. I know I found Marilyn (rip) through you and perhaps found you through Stephanie. What a long haul. There are only two blogs I follow any more with regularity and you are one.

    I’m glad you haven’t changed the thrust of the blog or the frequency and I look forward to at least a few more years of on-line friendship.

    p.s. I love the bright shiny faces in the lead photograph.

  7. Thank you and congratulations from another reader who’s been encouraged, instructed and amused by you for many years, as well as enjoying your designs.

    I admire both versions of the scarf, but would like to own the second.

  8. I have been reading your blog for many years and I enjoy it very much. I am glad you decided to express yourself and your creativity in this way. Congrats on 20 years!

  9. I love taking time out of my week and sitting with a cup of tea to read your blog.
    I find it interesting and inspiring!!

    My goodness- 20 years!!

    Something to celebrate.

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