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In My Element

It’s been a time of perfect equilibrium…where I’m in my element. Perfect levels of relaxation, stress, busy-ness and serenity.

QueerJoe – In My Element

When I was still working, I remember often how when my workload seemed too light (which was often), I would often procrastinate until there was a slight panic about getting everything done on time. Stress or worry about finishing a task was a perfect incentive for me to be effective. The stress seemed to demand of me that I streamline my efforts. I needed for there to be little or no room for extraneous effort, so that I was forced to make every task have a maximum return.

Please understand that I recognize this method isn’t for everyone.

I just really preferred something pushing me. And that little extra stress or fear of failure was the perfect incentive for me. On the opposite spectrum, nothing made me shut down or become less efficient than an empty in-box at work.

In retirement, I’ve gotten much more accustomed to an empty in-box. I don’t need to be über-efficient anymore.

But once in a while, I can still hit the sweet-spot of stress/serenity that makes me feel like I’m humming along at perfect efficiency.

Tasking myself with knitting 12 hats isn’t overly burdensome. But add to that some of the other minor stresses in my life (health/kidney stone procedures, housework, blogging, fitness, Men’s Knitting Retreats, etc.) and I feel a lot closer to balance right now. It’s a very comforting space for me.

I think I need to create one of those graphs of diminishing returns I studied years ago in economics to chart this, but honestly I think my plate it full right now. Or at least as full as I care for it to be.

At what level of workload are you most at ease?

Current Knitting

I’ve finished a total of four West Coast Watch Caps.

The one in front is very similar to one of the first caps like this I ever made. The one that Thaddeus was seen most often out in the grocery story with when his hair was a mess.

I’m enjoying how quickly these little beauties are knitting up

3 comments on “In My Element

  1. Our church has a hat drive every year. This year I set a goal of 10 hats. Couldn’t summon up energy after hospital stay. I felt that was enough of a goal.
    We’ll I was bored when I got the 10 done so I looked at stash and added a scarf and hat set. Now that’s done and it’s time to cook Thanksgiving and I am still knitting hats because nothing else interests me! Retirement is supposed to be a slower pace – supposed to be!

  2. Beautiful hats!
    Your wonderful fingerless mitts and the hat are getting lots of use again!
    And I have a surprise for you!

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