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Sock Sock Shoe Shoe?

The order in which people put on socks and shoes seems to be controversial lately. Are you a sock, sock, shoe, shoe person?

Or Are You More Of A Sock Shoe Sock Shoe Person?

And might I add one more level to this calculus? Add the order of pant leg that you put on to this controversial topic.

Based on what I’ve seen just about the order of two pieces of clothing, I think I might be quite odd in how I dress in the morning.

Do you put on both socks, both pant legs and then both shoes? See? You have to add pant legs into this activity. Because it’s kinda difficult to put on a pant-leg after you’ve put on shoes. No?

I’ve gotten into this odd habit of putting on a sock, a pant-leg and then a shoe on one leg and then doing the same on the other leg. While this may seem like a strange order to dress one’s lower leg, here’s my thinking. At my age, lifting my leg for any reason can be a challenge. So, since my one leg is already lifted for a sock, I might just as well put on the same side pant-leg and show while I’m at it.

It seems I might be in the minority here, so I’m open to feedback on this critically important issue.

Current Knitting

Fait accomplis! Yes, I have finished 12 West Coast Watch Caps in plenty of time for my craft show next week! The last three came off the needles with almost a week to spare.

And here they are with the other nine.

There are a lot of nice hats in this lot, so I’m quite pleased. I’m hoping to display these in a way to attract people to my table this coming weekend. We’ll see how it works.

And since I still had some Noro yarn left over, I’m going to try and add at least 3 more hats to the grouping.

Maybe 5 more…we’ll see how it goes. For anyone interested in the craft show, it’s this Saturday and Sunday in Stockton, NJ from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM each day.

5 comments on “Sock Sock Shoe Shoe?

  1. I actually never knew there was anything g other than sock, sock, shoe shoe! Lol. You do make a good point though about flexibility and balance and making the most of every move! Each to their own!

  2. While I am reluctant to agree with Archie Bunker on anything, I am a sock, sock, shoe shoe person. When you include pants, sometimes the pants come first (usually right leg, left leg) and sometimes the socks. And sometimes the top half of me gets dressed before the bottom half, and sometimes the other way around. Just, you know, to keep it interesting. I have a very exciting life.

  3. I am usually a sock shoe kind if person. Pants go first before everything. I am used to running around the house after the many small animals we have so I have to have pants on to go out in the living room in front of the windows. But it is not uncommon for me to run around with one sock and shoe…depending on the pet situation.

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