Beautifully Interesting Color

Beautifully Interesting Color

Ever since I saw Kaffe’s designs, I have always been on the lookout for beautifully interesting color.

What Do You Consider Beautifully Interesting Color?

For me, whenever I see unusual combinations of colors that are visually appealing, I am very interested.

Kaffe had a pattern when I first started knitting years ago called Ancient Jacket (the one on the left below).

The colors (or colours) in this garment were amazing to me and I had to make it. It is the first intarsia garment I ever made. Kaffe could put together unexpected colours in a way that made me very excited about colorwork. So excited, I had to even make a quilt when Kaffe started doing quilting fabrics and quilts.

Over the years, here and there I’d find a design that had colors mixed in a way that really brought joy. I have even been able to put together a few over the years myself. I stumble on brilliant colorways by accident, so I truly envy those who can put them together intuitively.

Noro is another company that does amazingly interesting things with color combinations. The recent hats I’ve made are a perfect example.

Some other sources of beautiful colorways? Urth’s Uneek line is really quite fine. Malabrigo has some great colorways. Madeline Tosh and Briar Rose often have colors that I find uniquely appealing. I can think of one other indie dyer who’s still in business I love, but won’t promote because she’s a hateful bigot.

Anyone you’d add to the list?

Current Knitting

With one day to spare, I finished two more West Coast Watch Caps to add a total of seventeen caps to the craft show inventory.

I’m very happy with all of them. And, I look forward to seeing the kind of reception they get at the craft show tomorrow and Sunday.

I also did a lot more work on the latest Close To You Shawl using the West Yorkshire Spinners/Zanda Rhodes yarn I got so inexpensively.

Even as the rows get wider, I’m still liking this yarn in this garment. I’m also hopeful it will work with my Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf design.

6 comments on “Beautifully Interesting Color

  1. I like Destination Yarns. Jeanne Stevenson is a wonderful indie dyer who comes up with yarns that make you think of a place.

  2. Best wishes for the craft show. Your display of those colorful hats will be such an eye catcher! Fantastic.
    And the shawl has a wonderful design and all those colors.

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