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Bits And Bobs

After knitting seventeen hats using Noro yarn recently, I had a lot of leftover bits and bobs. I wondered if I had enough to make a full hat.

Connecting Bits And Bobs

So, I somewhat randomly joined the leftover ends of all the Noro Kureyon I used. There color combinations seem so random, I didn’t think it would matter what color I attached to what. Then I wound them into a cake of yarn.

Now for the all important question. Do I have enough to make another hat?

It turns out that Kureyon is 50 grams (or 1.76 ounces, since my scale only measures in ounces).

At rounded 1.8 ounces, it looks like I’ll have enough to knit another hat. Given how I joined these color ends, I’m not sure how great the hat will look, but we’ll soon find out. I guess I will soon find out how my version of random looks versus Noro’s!

Curren Knitting/Spinning

The second test of the inexpensive yarn was successfully completed.

So, the Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf test was successful enough. Here’s a full overview to show how the pooling wasn’t ideal, but it still made for a beautiful scarf.

I have one more test…

Sock Yarn Loaded on Cardboard Cone 12-09-22 01

Yes, I’ve loaded a ball of this yarn onto a cone and I’ll try making a sock on the antique Gearhart circular sock knitting machine. I’ll report back next week!

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