A Set of Ovaries - Nancy Pelosi Iconic Photo Confronting Trump

A Hefty Set of Ovaries

Look at all the pathetic politicians that the former, disgraced, twice-impeached president has castrated. I am grateful that Speaker Pelosi still has a hefty set of ovaries.

A Set of Ovaries Over a Set of Balls Any Day!

I have always said that my two sisters have more balls than me and my four brothers combined. But honestly, my sisters are just incredibly smart, powerful, talented, and accomplished people. They shouldn’t be characterized by my notions of what men see as powerful.

So for me…a hefty set of ovaries is what now indicates someone who deserves admiration and respect.

If you haven’t seen Pelosi In The House, the HBO documentary by Alexandra Pelosi, you may want to consider it.

I found myself saying over and over, “Thank god for Ms. Pelosi.”

For anyone that values the U.S. Constitution and all that it’s has imbued our country with, you should be very grateful that Nancy Pelosi helped us keep it. Throughout her years as a member of the Congress, she never lost sight of her purpose. She was always entirely focused on keeping her oath of office and serving the people who put her in a position of power. She never got lured by self-interest or power. And she accomplished all she did with such grace and dignity.

And the contrast between what seems to be the polar opposite in the former loser-of-a-president, is stark. Not to mention the lap-dogs in the Republican party who continue to pander to this grifter.

I have always been a fan of Nancy Pelosi. And now even more so. If, like me, you love her, or even if you hate her, I highly recommend this documentary. It’s an incredible representation of recent history and the importance of what’s going on even now.

There isn’t anyone else I can think of who I admire more right now.

Current Spinning

I’m continuing to spin the Jacob roving from Jenny Jump Farm.

Jacob Spinning 12-16-22 01

I’m both enjoying spinning this beautiful fiber and looking forward to what the two-ply yarn will look like.

But I also had the opportunity to meet the owners of a local sheep farm at my craft show a couple of weeks ago. They raise Jacob sheep and a couple of other breeds. So I decided to purchase a fleece from them .

Jacob Fleece Minette Echo Valley Farm 12-16-22

This is a fleece from Echo Valley Farm in New Jersey. It came from a ewe named Minette, and I can’t wait to card this and make some yarn. I won’t be separating the colors…just carding it all together.

6 comments on “A Hefty Set of Ovaries

  1. LOVE the new turn of phrase for a gutsy person! Pelosi is almost awesome enough to make me pay for cable. 😈

    Remember when you spun that first Jacob and were all nervous about it. Now look at you being so enthusiastic! Makes me want a Jacob fleece. Would make a beautiful blanket. I find it a bit coarse for next to the skin. Did you sell that hat you made of it?

    1. Yes…my first experience with Jacob came from complete inability to see in a macro way. I love the idea of a nice warm blanket…hmmm. And I agree about the coarseness of the fiber.

      I actually made three hats with the Jacob handspun and none of them sold.

  2. Looking forward to hearing about your spinning, how the yarn turns out and how you like yt he fleece. I am in Breed School at Sheepspot with Sasha Torres and am starting to delve into spinning different breeds. I need to find local sources too, once I get an idea of which breeds I like best. So far two favorites are Zwartbles and Southdown.

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