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So Productive!

Striking while the iron is hot here at QueeJoe. I’ve gotten a LOT finished even since Monday…I’ve been so productive.

Reasons For Being So Productive

First of all, I didn’t want to waste the fine-tuning that was done on the Gearhart circular sock machine. So I definitely kept cranking socks.

Second, I had a couple of projects I was working on that I wanted to finish up by this weekend.

Third, I was really enjoying the spinning, so I wanted to make sure that continued as well.

Having three finished objects and making a lot of headway on the fourth was very satisfying in the last couple of days.

Plus, I really love how it’s all turning out. This is a very satisfying time for my fiber pursuits.

Current Knitting/Cranking/Spinning

Knitting first…I have been working on a baby blanket, although I haven’t blogged about it until now that it’s completed.

Grid Baby Blanket 12-21-22 02

It’s a simple garter stitch and stockinette stitch grid done in a coned acrylic yarn that worked up very nicely.

The fabric is very loose and drapy and VERY soft. I’m thinking I may embroider a small heart in the one of the corner squares, but I’m not sure if my skills are good enough for that. I’ll check YouTube unless someone has a different idea.

For cranking, I’ve completed two pairs of socks in the last two days.

The first pair was made with some of the inexpensive sock yarn that isn’t self-striping. The second pair is done with a ball of Cascade Heritage sock yarn. I love how both turned out.

Finally, I changed my other mind about the yarn I’d make with the Jacob roving from Jenny Jump Farm.

Jacob Spinning 12-21-22 01

I’ve decided to do a three-ply yarn, so I’m spinning up the third bobbin of singles which will hopefully use up the remainder of this roving. It will probably end up being about DK weight, but I’m not sure.

4 comments on “So Productive!

  1. Hi Joe,
    I am just starting to learn to spin. I have a borrowed Ashford traditional. Just wondering what kind of wheel you have and why you like it.
    I am planning on going to a guild in the new year to see what I can learn there about different wheels there. Thanks, Sue

    1. Hi Sue…I also learned to spin on a borrowed Ashford traditional wheel. I liked it very much and I could probably have been happy spinning on it forever. But then I returned it and looked for a wheel that was a little bit steadier and had a double treadle. I went with a Louët S75. It has Irish tensioning (it slows the fly-wheel instead of the bobbin) and that took some getting used to (more grabby than the Ashford). They stopped making them in 2010 but the S10 is a decent substitute.

      I also bought a second custom wheel by Gil Gonsalves who used to make Robin wheels. That’s what I’m using to spin the Jacob singles, but I’ll use the Louët to ply it. My two wheels are very similar and I love spinning on both of them. Both very sturdy/steady when I treadle hard and both have big bobbins for a lot of fiber.

      Going to a guild or local fiber store to try out other wheels is the best way to decide.

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