Pile of Productivity 12-23-22

A Pile of Productivity

Yes, my burst of productive energy continues. As of now it’s just a small pile of productivity. But soon it will be finished stuff!

What Led To This Pile of Productivity

It’s not usually my modus operandi, but much of this is holiday gift knitting. Or at least gifts for people I will see over the holidays and want to have the gift finished by the time I see them.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ll finish all the items in this pile. So I’ll need to prioritize those that are most important and those that definitely aren’t as important. The less important gifts are the ones where I already have a gift for the person, but wanted something slightly extra.

And like I mentioned, I usually don’t do any holiday gift knitting. So this is quite unusual for me.

Current Knitting/Cranking

The pile in the featured photo today shows two finished objects and two projects in-progress. The first finished object is a hat using a new yarn I’m trying out.

Gina Hat 12-23-22 02

This is a hat made with a worsted yarn by Plymouth called Gina. I saw it come across my e-mail on sale, so I thought I’d try it out to replace (or supplement) my knitting with Noro Kureyon. Overall, it’s a decent substitute.

Gina Hat 12-23-22 02

Second finished piece is a baby baby blanket.

Baby Baby Blanket 12-23-22

It will serve as a test swatch for my embroidery/duplicate stitch but I’ll give it to the mom in case they need a tiny version of the blanket to soothe a child when the full size version isn’t around.

Then the two unfinished objects are a pair of cranked socks and a mystery pile of knitting.

The socks are continuing to work well on the antique sock knitting machine, so I should finish the pair today. The pile of knitting I’m not so sure of. I’ll let you know on Monday if I get it finished (and what it is).

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