Ikea Bear 12-26-22 01

An Ikea Bear Christmas

At the last minute, I decided to try and finish some Christmas knitting for my nieces and nephews. Is an Ikea bear a good gift?

Would You Be Able To Assemble An Ikea Bear?

First of all, I got to spend time with family I have seen in years (mostly because of COVID). So it was fantastic.

But I started getting anxious about the how gifts to one of my nieces’ children was going to look to the other niece with children. I also decided I needed a small gift for a good friend.

A baby blanket, three pairs of cranked socks and all the parts of two teddy bears later, I was doing a lot of knitting. And this is not at all normal for me.

Plus I had to wrap, get cards/money ready, bake cookies…etc.

I got close, but I finally realized I wouldn’t be able to finish the last teddy bear.

So I opted to bring everything else and just explain to my one niece that one of her daughters would have to get hers later. So I still have this last bear to finish.

Knitted Bear 12-26-22 02

In case you care, it takes me a bit over 3 hours to construct/stuff/embroider the bear once all the pieces are knit up. As you can imagine, I misunderstimated the amount of time it would take. But my grand-niece Julia (being held by my brother-in-law above) will soon get her very own Teddy bear.

Current Knitting

In addition to the bear, I also cranked out a pair of socks for a good friend.

CSM Socks 12-26-22 01

I’m quite pleased with how these turned out. I particularly love the mismatched, bright toes on them.

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