Recap of QueerJoe 2022

2022 Recap of QueerJoe

I thought readers might like an idea of the kind of activity that happens at QueerJoe. This is a recap of QueerJoe for last year.

An Activity Recap of QueerJoe

Blog Statistics

In 2022, I posted 145 blog entries and you all commented a total of 559 times. There were a total of 25,025 visitors to the blog and a total of 72,344 views of various posts and/or pages on the blog.

2022 Most Popular Blog Posts
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Ted Myatt559
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A VERY Different Week451
Hope That Your Name Isn’t Eric Jones399
Linen Stitch – What You Need To Know387
QueerJoe Knitting and Pearling372
Best Chances of Winning on WORDLE366
Stretchy Bind-Off366
Cutting Off My Nose357
Men In Jewelry349
Drug Averse348
Profit Margin Selling Knitwear334
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At Least Two Things I Suck At322
Buying Shit From China321
Professional Yarn Buyer320
WTF Friday319
The Spousal Contribution319
Passing Along Generosity313
Floaters and Flashes308
Which Do You Prefer?305
2022 QueerJoe Monthly Data

Average Views per Day220228198210189194188200158194203202198

Recap of Project Work

Here’s a 2-minute review of the QueerJoe high points and projects completed last year.

And as best as I can tell, here are some summary totals.

Fingerless Mitts11 pairs
Snug Cowls/NeckGaiters12
Hair Scrunchies (cranked and sewn)7
Cranked Socks10 pairs
Teddy Bears2
Cross-Body Bags2
Spun Yarn781 yards (714 meters)
Willie Warmers1
Baby Blankets2

In addition to organizing two Men’s Fiber Retreats and various other activities, it looks like I had a very productive year.

Here’s my first latte of 2023.

First Latte of 2023

Hopefully a harbinger of good and beautiful things for the rest of the year.

Current Spinning/Knitting

Included in the totals for 2022 is a total of 460 (421 meters) yards of Jacob handspun yarn.

It ended up being a total of 6.8 ounces (193 grams) of yarn, which equates to about 1082 yards per pound…which makes it about a DK weight yarn. After it dries, I’ll measure the “wraps per inch” to confirm DK weight. Can’t wait to knit something with this yarn.

I also started a new baby blanket.

This is the OpArt Blanket by Melissa Dominguez. I’m doing it in a worsted weight yarn and I’m liking it pretty well so far.

1 comment on “2022 Recap of QueerJoe

  1. Great recap and always good to see and hear about what you are working on. I look forward to checking out some of the blogs which I haven’t seen before.
    And I’ve never heard of incense matches!
    The OpArt Blanket looks fantastic. I must check out the link.
    Best wishes for 2023 and all your fiber adventures!

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