Farm Beauty 01-06-23

Farm Beauty

This petite farm beauty is Minette, one of the Jacob sheep at Echo Valley Farm was. Shepherd Frank was able to send me a few photos of her.

Farm Beauty – A Different Definition of Beauty

As a fiber person, I have always had a desire to get closer to the source of roving, yarn and fiber. And as part of coordinating the Men’s Knitting Retreats, I am always looking for great road-trips for the guys. Sheep farms, alpaca farms and fiber mills are all good options for that.

I’m grateful to have a local farm nearby that I can support. I’m also glad to start building relationships with local farmers in this area.

A friend of mine tells me often how she is energized by nature. Just by being out on a nature trail our hiking in a forested area, she feels as close to spiritual as she ever does.

That’s not my experience.

I like being out in nature. And I find it to often be serene and calming. But I don’t feel like I draw any specific nurturing from being out in nature.

What we both agree on, however, is the beauty of the outdoors. The multitude of flora and the random placement of trees (both growing and fallen), and certainly the beauty of animals on a family farm. I’m a big fan of the pastoral areas where I live. Hopefully, I’ll get to visit Minette and her herd-mates.

Current Spinning/Knitting

I’m continuing to card and spin the Jacob fleece from Minette.

I’ve spun a lot of very fine singles so far. But I still have a lot more to card and spin.

I’m enjoying thinking about what I’ll use the resulting yarn for as I spin. Plenty of time to decide.

I also found myself without a knitting project for watching television. So I picked up a gorgeous hank of yarn and knit a hat.

Malabrigo Mecha Hat 01-11-23 01

I am not pleased with the result. I’ll discuss this more on Friday’s blog entry.

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