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Turning Extraordinary Into Ordinary

It’s usually the opposite that I try to achieve. But recently, I found an exceptional yarn in my stash and ended up turning extraordinary into ordinary.

How To Go About Turning Extraordinary Into Ordinary

Remembering years ago when I first saw Koigu KPPPM yarns I was amazed in two ways.

Mostly, I was amazed at their colors. The hand-painted yarns were spectacularly beautiful. But secondarily, I was amazed at how badly they were used in knitting projects. Most projects I saw had this glorious yarn knit up in plain stockinette. The plain stitch muddied the colors and pooled and striped them in very unattractive ways.

Fast-forward thirty-some-odd years and I’ve done the same thing.

The yarn? Malabrigo Mecha in colorway 005-Aniversario.

It’s a single-ply, bulky, superwash, merino yarn. Gorgeous colors that photos can’t quite capture.

The project? A simple hat…in stockinette.

Turning Extraordinary Into Ordinary 01-13-23 02

Someone commented about this hat I posted in a previous blog post on social media that it was gorgeous. I can’t agree. Yes, the colors are beautiful, but completed disguised in stockinette. I’m going to rip out this hat, and hopefully not ruin the yarn whilst doing it.

I plan on making something like one of these instead.

Both the Swoop Beanie and the Sierra Beanie are available on Ravelry. Personally I like the way the Swoop Beanie makes the colors pop more, so I’ll try that one first.

Your thoughts?

Current Knitting

I had to redeem myself. And find a knitting project to keep me occupied. So I found the yarn in my stash that I like the least and found a pattern to make it less hideous.

Shallow Triangle Scarf 01-13-23 01
Shallow Triangle Scarf 01-13-23 04

This is a simple shallow triangle scarf done in garter and bordered with i-cord. And, it’s done with Seasons by Ella Rae in a colorway that isn’t really my favorite. The pattern is a modified version of The Simple Thing by Melina Brell – a free pattern on Ravelry. Also, my modification is only increasing every eight rows.

So…I think I’ll use up all my Seasons making these simple scarves for sale.

3 comments on “Turning Extraordinary Into Ordinary

  1. I just completed a linen stitch bandana in a hand-dyed variegated yarn, and the colors are just gorgeous. I learned somewhere (maybe here?) years ago that linen stitch is a good solution for a variegated yarn, and this pattern did not disappoint. That being said, I vote for Swoop. Keep us posted!

  2. I too vote for the Swoop.

    And, thank you for the point to The Simple Thing. It “may” solve a current problem. I am certainly ready to give it a try.

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